Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Betcha thought I forgot about ever having a blog, huh?

Yeah, well, me too. It's funny. I now have two of the girls in school all day, but I don't have near the time I did when they weren't in school. How does that happen? I'll probably be the only SAHM who says they can't wait until school is out! LOL Yeah, right.....

What have I been up to lately? I don't know. Where does all of my time go to? In October I turned 31. Yes, I can say that and it doesn't bother me...too badly. I sure the heck don't feel 31. That's the good thing, I guess. What did Steve get me for my birthday, you ask? NOTHING! Well, nothing until this past weekend (Thanksgiving weekend, mind you....oh, he got me a cartridge for my Cricut, which I will get to later.) The girls started swimming lessons in October. Mara has found her niche, I believe. She loves it. Steve, me, my friend Myra and her brother went to Cedar Point. FUN! But, standing an hour in line for each freaking ride wasn't. But, that's ok. Evidently Halloweekends are starting to sound really good to alot of people. I think if we go again next year, we'll wait until later in the month when we will freeze our a$$e$ off and hopefully there will be less people.

November came and has almost went uneventfully. We all packed up and spent Thanksgiving with Steve's dad and stepmom. I just love them. Michigan would be my second place to move to if we didn't move back home to Mt. Carmel. Plus, a total bonus is the awesome Michigan KnK girlies I've come to know and their totally fab choices of scrapbook stores to shop at! Anyway, thanksgiving was at Duane and Lillian's house and dinner was delish! I even made two pies and we have pictures to prove it! I've got to say, I think I could become polish. I mean, where else can you go and get 5 different kielbasas (which I'm told there's many many more varieties) to eat on Thanksgiving?! Steve goes nuts over the pierogies. On Friday after T'giving we all went to the Henry Ford museum, which in and of itself is a pretty neat-o place. There are actual trains and planes (real size) in this place. Totally cool. But, our main reason for going was to see Happy Feet at the IMAX. Very cute. Got a little deep for kiddos, though. But, the girls didn't get too incredibly restless. I guess. I don't really know for sure...Mara and McKenna both were sitting by Uncle Jason. He might have a different story to tell. I met up with Carmen, Monica and Krystn for Freaky Friday!! 4/$1 know I was all over that. Then, on to Panera where we swapped Primas and closed the place down. Then, proceeded to stand outside for, at least another hour + just talking some more! I love these gals! Saturday was a shopping trip with just me and Carmen. I tried my first ever Starbucks. Yes, I live in Hickville, as Carmen so lovingly calls Celestine/Jasper! ;) Oh, try the peppermint latte and the cranberry whatsit....yum. I could so get used to hanging out with Carmen more often. She's such an immense sweetheart. {{{HUGS}}} girl!

Wow, talk about run on paragraphs. I'm just too lazy to hit "return", I guess. Well, here's some more updates...Mara was doing so well in swim lessons, she's now on the swim team! WooHoo!! Which means an hour of practice 3 times a week! Yikes! Steve said she was learning to dive tonite and looked awesome. I can tell that swim lessons alone has started to slim her down. I hope she continues to love this. This will be good for her. My sweet Momma bought me a Cricut for Christmas and a "Stamped" cartridge. I could not wait until Christmas for this! She grudgingly allowed me to open it early!!! And, guess what? I LOVE IT!!! I haven't felt this excited about anything since the Swiffer mop! LOL This thing is the coolest thing evah! I just want to play with it all the time! My SIL, Jeanne, is coming to visit next week for McKenna's birhtday! I'm so excited to see her again! The only bad thing about her visiting is that she has to leave. McKenna just absolutely adores her Aunt Jeanne. McKenna will seriously sit and talk to her on the phone for hours.

This fall season hasn't been good to this household....Steve has been going to the chiro for his back for awhile now with no luck. I went from September-November with a nasty cough/cold/sinus thing that a round of antibiotics didn't even knock out. McKenna has had strep throat, along with Micah just a month ago. Mara had impetigo in October and now has an ear infection...oh, excuse me, a "pus pocket" behind her eardrum. Eeeew. Maybe this is where all my time is visits! I've got a ton of layouts I could be posting on my poor lonely neglected blog, but, unfortunately, I'm not on my computer. I'm on Steve's new work laptop and it's down to 18% on the battery which means I need to wrap this up. I will try my hardest to get some layouts up and running within a week. Yeah, I don't believe me, either.

Later. Merry Christmas shopping.

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