Monday, June 30, 2008

Scrap-filled weekend!

Wow. That's all I can say. One weekend. Locked in. 3 great friends. No kids. No responsibilities. 14 movies. Snacking. Drinking. Scrapping...all freaking weekend long. Now, that's my kind of weekend! I got 3 layouts done for the July BYOM kit, 2 sets of 11 2-pg 6x6 layouts for swaps at convention next month, 2 sets of 24 personalized notecards (+ 1 extra for my own stash), and 20 birth announcements (+ 1 extra for me). And, I was bummed because I still had more on my list to get done!! So, for the next several days, I'll be posting things I got accomplished this past weekend.
First up is the personalized notecards I made for my step BIL's girlfriend for her birthday (an order put in to me by my step MIL). Stamp set is Winds of Grace; cardstock colors are Sage Shadow, Blush Blossom, Close to Cocoa, and Natural Ivory; ink colors are Sage Shadow, Blush Blossom and Close to Cocoa; medium width twill and hemp string...all products by Stampin' Up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new camera bag!!

Yay! Look what I finally got in the mail new totally custom made camera bag! Well, technically, it's a purse, but I customized it with my beloved digi Rebel in mind! :) Now all I need is a new camera strap and I'll be happy...well, for a little while, at least! ;) I ordered my bag at a party, where a demonstrator comes and talks about the different styles and patterns and such. You choose your style and then everything else is custom made to order....extra pockets, how it opens and closes, whether you want ribbon on it and how it's tied, the fabric choices, etc. It was really fun! I even got to choose the length of the strap! The company is called a la mode and because they are made to order, it takes about 8 weeks to get your bag. But, I'd say it's worth the wait! Check it out!

sick...morbid....whack job....gullible

...yes, these are seriously names that I've been called in the last day or so by my own family. Why, you ask? Because I'd like to talk to a "medium". Why would I like to talk to a medium? Why not? No, I'm not into devil worship. Yes, I believe in God. I'm kind of a skeptical believer (does that make sense?! LOL!) in all of this. If I could experience this up close and personal, I'll either be a skeptic or a believer. And, if it is for real, then added bonus that I get to "hear" from some loved ones. I've always been fascinated in this sort of stuff. Recently two friends and fellow co-workers met with a local medium and had such a positive experience. So much so that family members of both of those friends are going to meet with this medium for themselves. When am I going to do this? Who knows. I'm not in a rush, but yes, one of these days I'm going to do this.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend shift change at work!

Work schedule stuff is too long and complicated to get into, but to make a long story short....I currently work 6a-2:30p every 4th weekend. Not bad, really. Well, the new change is that I will work (along with several other co-workers) 6a-6:30p every 6th weekend. I'm still trying to get used to the sound of that. When I worked weekend option I worked the 12 hour shifts and they totally sucked. Completely blows your weekend. But, the upside is I'm working every 6th weekend, which will be nice. I think the pros and cons are the same on this one. Man, I just wish I didn't have to work at all!!! ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wanna see what Steve brought home?

This is what Steve inadvertantly brought home with him from white water rafting in Gatlinburg, TN (yes, we now know that parts of Tennessee have scorpions!). Last week, I was getting the girls' swim bags ready and threw the bags on the kitchen counter. After packing their towels, suits, etc., I pulled the bags off the counter and this is what I saw!!! Holy crap!!! I was stunned! I've never seen one up close and personal. Gave me the major heebie jeebies. I'm DEATHLY afraid of spiders, we're talkin' major arachnophobe, here. Evidently, my arachnophobia extends into this species of arachnids as well! I thought I was going to throw up. And the thought that it could've stung one of the girls made me even more sick. I keep praying that he didn't bring any little buddies along with him! LOL!
Ok, you all are asking what the heck I did when I saw answer your question, I dropped the swim bags and backed away from the counter and just stared at it, thinking OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG until Steve got home (he had ran to the gas station to get a gallon of milk). As soon as he walked in the door I said "What the hell is that?" He told me what I already knew, but I just wanted a second opinion! ROFL! Anyway, he took a flyswatter and pushed at it and it still had some life in it and then he beat it with the flyswatter. Then, he put it in a baggie to take to work to show someone he works with to ask him about it. As far as I know, I think it's still in Steve's computer bag!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

What a rush!!

My cousin, Kristi, and I just got done video'ing our first wedding/reception today! I had so much fun! Now, the really "fun" part editing and putting the thing together. Kristi's going to start teaching me the computer aspect of it....I hope she has infinite patience as I'm not real computer savvy! LOL! Well, back to your regular blog surfing....just had to share my excitement!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An MRI for McKenna *update* {w/results}

On Memorial Day, just a little over a week ago, McKenna had her second "migraine" (first episode was back in February). I have no idea what to call it, so migraine it is, for lack of a better word and the lack of MD behind my name! I made a doctor's appt for her, which she had today. Her pediatrician seems to think she's having pediatric migraines, but just to make sure nothing else is going on inside that extremely intelligent little head of hers, she's scheduled for an MRI next Monday. So, wish us luck and a quick little prayer, if you get a chance.

*****update***** {sort of}

She did wonderful! Although at first she was pretty scared. I held her hands thru the whole thing and she about clawed the skin off my hands until about half way thru, when she realized what a piece of cake it was, and getting to listen to her Miley Cyrus cd helped, too. We didn't have to do any pictures over again, so she was done in like 20 minutes. We already had a trip to WalMart bargained (for a drink and wet Strawberry Shortcake doll) and I ended up having to negotiate a trip to Dairy Queen, as well. Yeah, that was a rough deal to make! ;) I had to work today (Tuesday) and while I was working, the doctor's office called the house to tell me the results. By the time I got home and checked messages and called the office back, they were already closed. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to call and get results. I'll post tomorrow.....

***update*** {w/results}

Results are in....McKenna is just fine and dandy. Nothing wrong with her brain at all, thank goodness. Actually, the report read "unremarkable" and when I told Steve that, he replied "I tend to disagree with that...there's nothing unremarkable about McKenna!" LOL! It did show some incidental sinus mucosal thickening. The doctor said to get some Claritin OTC and give that to her everyday. Well, I have to disagree with that....she shows no signs of sinus problems, so we're going to skip giving her medicine everyday for no reason. So, anyway, bad part about this is that it is just pediatric migraines. Totally sucks that she's going to have to learn at such an early age how to deal with migraines. Thank you everyone who kept McKenna in their thoughts and prayers!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's June, so that means.....

it's time to show off scrappy stuff done with the June Bring Your Own Memories kit!! And, it's GORGEOUS! I loved the kit when I saw it online, but in person...whoa! Run, don't walk, and get this kit! If it's not sold out, that is....

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