Friday, June 23, 2006

Scrappy stuff!

Have you ever seen so much pink in your life?! I was in heaven this month with DT stuff all being PINK! The Scrap-Tastic kit was the awesome Sassafrass Lass stuff and KnK was the Moments Defined papers. The embellies with the KnK stuff totally make the kit. They.are.awesome. Primas, sequins, jewels, rubons, ribbon slides...all so freaking cool.

So excited. My friend,Myra, called me the other night. The huge Victorian house we both are totally in love with has an Open House on Sunday and we are so there! I'm going to take my lunch half hour sometime between 1-3pm and she's going to meet me there so we can gawk! No, I'm not in the market of looking for a new house, but, this house just looks soooooo cool. I just want a peek inside! Maybe I can get some pictures, too!

Saw "Cars" last Friday evening. Very cute movie. Hence, the new Rascal Flatts.

My sister's life has got to be the worst life I know. Bad karma surrounding that one, I think. Donnie losing his job would've been the last straw for me. If it weren't for bad luck, that girl would have no luck at all. I really hope he finds a job asap.

Jen, I know you read my I just want you to know, I'm so ready to come and bum at your new pool....oh, and to see your new house, too, of course! ;) Can't wait!!

Congrats to one of my fellow DT'ers at Scrap-Tastic, Rachel, for making the ever so awesome My Mind's Eye DT! It couldn't have happened for a better person! You deserve it!

Something's wonky in my house. Alot of junk just up and quit on us. Satellite tv, Sirius radio, DVD player, my sewing machine (but I'm pretty sure that's fixable, gotta call Miss Robin about it. She's awesome, she'll know what to do!), and the stupid Linksys router. But, we did have someone come and fix the tv today! Yeehaw! We can actually watch tv without trying to squint thru fuzz and snow!

I had a big long post the other night and when I went to publish the post, something happened and I lost all of it. I was so mad. I think it had something to do with the stupid router issues we've been having. So, this is all you get from me for now. A brief synopsis.

Steve asked me the other night how I was doing keeping up with housework since the cleaning lady's been gone. Hmmm. I say if you have to ask, then I'm doin' just fine. Right? Yeah, there are a few cleaning issues I need to get better at, but for the most part, we're not living in filth.

I think me and the girls are going to try and hit Holiday World next week. That should be interesting....wish me luck.

Well, that's all folks....until next week!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Upcoming class stuff...

This is an 8x8 layout I did with Wild Asparagus paper for an upcoming shadowbox class at the Doodlebug in July(minus the shadowbox for this picture!). You can't tell too well, but I used a ton of pop dots on here! Kasara and Donnie's house in the process of being added on right now, so when it's done and the new siding is on, I'll hopefully get there to take a pic and put on here. This will be one of their wedding gifts. The card is something I whipped up quick with the leftovers. Not really sure if we'll do this in class yet, but it's there if we want. I need to stamp a small sentiment on the front, too.

Let's see if I can get some pics to upload....

Well, whadya know! Blogger let me finally post some pics! The first one is of my 3 girlies...all waiting patiently for me and Grandma Kathy to get the chairs and swim noodles out of the boat and get down to the dock to go swimming.

Then, Micah Jo Jo on the kneeboard! Just look at that cheesy grin! She's cool and she knows it! McKenna, the kneeboard studette is already attempting to cross the wake {which she accomplishes! woohoo!) and then, last but certainly not least, the awesome Mara T. showin' her stuff on the kneeboard! It's amazing what these girls will do for ice cream! LOL!

Monday, June 12, 2006

What a great weekend!!

Well, blogger isn't letting me upload pictures right now for some unknown stupid blogger reason, so you'll just have to visualize this one on your own....

We had a terrific weekend at my parent's Kentucky Lake house. Me and the girls left Thursday afternoon and went to Mt. C to pick up my mom and head out to the lake from there (with only one phone call to my dad asking which exit to take...yes, my parents have had this place for over a year now and my mom still had to call to make sure which exit to take!). Friday was spent with the girls swimming and jumping off the dock and me and mom sweating out in the sun for 5 hours that afternoon. Actually, I spent about half the time in the water as I did out. I don't see how mom could even stand it. Plus, there must've been a spider's nest under the dock because we were constantly flicking off freaking spiders off of us all afternoon...and some of you know just how much I love spiders! (No, not really) Anyway, later that afternoon, Steve and my dad arrived. Me and McKenna had had enough, so we lounged around before taking a shower while Steve and the other girls went swimming, yet again! My dad, as always, worked around the house. That man just isn't happy unless he's working, I swear. After we ate supper, Kasara and Donnie joined us....and after only 3 phone calls! Me and dad won that bet. (Inside joke, gotta know my sis and her infatuation with her phone). That evening we all sat around outside, drinkin' and talkin'.

Saturday we took the boat out to a sand beach. We spent all day long there. There was a rope swing and the girls just totally dug that. They were awesome! McKenna and Micah are freaking fearless! We swam, floated, drank and talked. It was so hot out. Steve and I were dying to see if the girls would learn how to kneeboard, but the lake was so rough. We decided to go back to the house and wait until about an hour until sundown and then take the john boat out instead of the ski boat to teach them and the water had calmed down a bit. They were all 3 ready to try, especially after Aunt Kasara promised them ice cream if they tried. They were all over that. And, all 3 of them tried and got up! I was so proud of them! Well, Micah didn't really have much trouble at all...she just sat on her knees on the kneeboard before the boat even took off! It was a huge help that Aunt Kasara stayed out in the water with them before the boat took off. I think McKenna could do it all day long. I have some awesome pics of them all in action, but like I said, blogger is having "issues". I will post when I can. And you know there will be scrapbook pages about this. Oh, and I got some awesome action shots of Steve doing a cartwheel off the dock and into the water! I love that little function on my camera where it takes like 5 pictures pretty quick with just a touch of a button. So cool!

Sunday we headed to the Moors for their breakfast buffet. Delish. We got ready to go out on the boat, but while Kasara and I were in the house, everyone took off without us. And didn't come back. Kinda honked us off. Donnie finally showed us that he could get up on the kneeboard as well. He was a bit ticked off that he couldn't get up the night before, but yet his soon-to-be nieces all did. Very touchy subject with him, it was kinda funny. Anyway, once again, the girls wanted to kneeboard, but they were scared to do it behind the ski boat. So, dad got out the john boat again and they all got out there and was lovin' it! McKenna was already crossing the wake! I'm sure my dad was so proud. My sister and I have been kneeboarding/waterskiing for years and years. My parents have had a ski boat since I was about 9 years old. My sister was kneeboarding since she was Micah's age. When I was 14 my dad taught me how to barefoot waterski, and let me tell ya, he was so proud. So, I can only imagine how he's bragging today at work that his 3 grandbabies were all kneeboarding this weekend!

Well, we came home last night and got a knock at our door around 9:30pm. It was the neighbors. Apparently our sewer alarm was going off and we didn't even hear it. Wonderful. We figured out how to shut the sound off so we wouldn't be keeping everyone in the subdivision awake all night. There was supposed to have been someone here to look at it about an hour ago, but, of course, noone has shown up yet. So, I can't take a shower, we can't flush the toilet, can't run the washer. Yeah, I'm in an excellent mood this morning. Micah's already spilled a whole bowl of cereal on the kitchen floor. Yes, I've already asked myself why in the heck I've even gotten out of bed this morning. But, some good news...the sewer system is still under warranty for about another year and a half, so, depending on what's the matter, we won't have to pay anything to repair it!! And, if it's something not covered under warranty, we get one free courtesy call, so we still won't have to pay for anything this time! So, that little piece of info is making me a little bit happy.

Last week we had a blow out in the van. Yes, it was my fault. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and I ran into a pointy curve along the road. Heard a weird noise coming from the back tire. I pulled over into a church parking lot and sure enough, the tire was flat. And, of course, I chose that day to not carry my cell phone with me. The church was locked up, so me and the girls had to walk about a block to the nursing home and call Steve from there. He couldn't get the nut to loosen on the thing that housed the spare tire because it the nut was stripped. We load up in the truck, head to Home Depot to buy a tool, go back to the van, only to find out that that didn't work either. Load back up in the truck and go to Steve's office and call a tow truck. Go back to the van to meet the tow truck. Go to the tire place. Well, nothing else to do but go out to eat while they deal with the tire situation. We were so bummed. We plan on getting rid of the van in about 2 more months, so we didn't want to get all new tires put on. When we went to pick up the van, we found out that they didn't have to put all new tires on it! They found a slightly used tire to replace it. Yay!!

I took a sewing class last Wednesday evening at the lss. Yes, I finally got out my sewing machine that I've had for the last 6 months and learned how to use it! I'm so hooked. Robin was one excellent teacher, too, so kudos to her for teaching me what I needed to know! There were only 3 of us in the class, but it was perfect. All 3 of us in class were total beginners. We made a card and a cute little tag. I have a feeling that my sewing machine is going to be used alot. Kinda like my use of ribbon. Used on every single layout. I can't wait to get it hooked up in my scrap room and just go at it!

Ok, off to change my video....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blooregard Q Kazoo rocks!

Yeah, I admit it, I like this cartoon....alot. Bloo freaking rocks. I couldn't find the video I wanted (It's hooooot in Toooopeeeeekaaa, my toe's hot, pick it), but I did find the "blanner, blanner, blanner" aka massage chair for Madame Foster aka (officially) "Store Wars". "Blanner, blanner" did spawn the ever famous phrase in this house "rip-off artist!" and is one my personal faves. I also liked the episode about Bloo's new baby brother "Cheese", although Steve hated that one. McKenna wanted me to find her favorite "there's par-foom in my house-play" aka Going to France aka (officially...I have no idea). But, that is another good one. I'll keep looking for that one, McKenna. For those of you who've never seen this cartoon, this is a totally useless post and will leave you saying WTH?! But, check it out. New episodes every Friday evening on Cartoon Network. I'd like this cartoon even if I didn't have kids, but it's thanks to them that I found it!

Another week has gone by....

...and I'm finally getting around to posting on the blog. Here are the layouts I did with the KnK kit. Boodles, the embellies from the Crate Paper kit go great with it! I used something from that kit on all 3 things I did. I'm sure you will find other kit stuff to go with it, but I'm just throwing that out there for you! That other card is one I did for Scrap-Tastic. Becky gave us the challenge to scraplift the winning layout for the 7Gypsies contest, so I decided to make a card. Yes, that particular SU stamp set got some use this month! Steve evidently doesn't like that set judging from this smartass comment..."You actually paid money for that stamp?" (I really really need to find me a rolling eyes smiley. I seem to do it often enough).

Congrats to Bre for making the Treasures to Scrap DT!! I knew it was just a matter of time for you! And Congrats to Heather for making Scrappin' Deals DT! I'm so excited for you girls.

Well, I mentioned that Steve, Brian, Jacob and the girls would be camping out in the backyard this past weekend. I really didn't think they'd all stay out there, but they did! So glad Steve didn't take me up on that $50 bet! We roasted hot dogs and smores. Later that evening they all went on an "adventure" (a walk around the neighborhood w/flashlights). I think they all had a pretty good time!

Sunday at work was hell. There really is no other way to describe that day. It sucked big time. I guess everything just had to be done on Sunday since Monday was a holiday. It was awful.

Me and the girls headed out to Mt. Carmel on Tuesday. When we hit Princeton, we ran into one doozy of a storm. It was raining so badly I couldn't even see to drive. I had to pull off into a parking lot to wait it out, and of course it scared the bejeezus out of Mara. Once we got to Mt. C, we went out to lunch with my mom and then went to pick up Kasara. We all hit the big town of Carmi so Kasara could get her PPD done for work and then checked out her new house. Very cute! I really do like it (I'm not just saying that to be nice!) The colors are all so bold and cool. I can't wait to see it after the one end has been extended 8 feet. It's going to have walk in closets in both back bedrooms and going to make the bathroom bigger. Very cute and perfect starter home.

McKenna stayed with Aunt Kasara and hung out with her and Uncle Donnie on Wednesday. It was so funny, Mara knew that McKenna was in Mt. C, but on Wednesday afternoon, I was fixing our lunch and was taking it outside to the deck and Mara stops and looks at me and says 'What are we going to do about McKenna? Should we wake her up or what?' LOL! She thought McKenna was still asleep! She even slept in McKenna's bed because Micah was too scared to sleep in her room by herself!

Mara had a T-ball game last night. These girls are so cute! Mara got one hit off the pitching machine and 2 off the tee. There was one girl on the other team who just kicked everyone's butt. She was like a one man (girl) team! We knew she was going to be tough...she walked up to the plate with cleats, a pink batting glove and a pink helmet! And she didn't disappoint! At one point Kasara asked me if they were taught to bend over and put their hand on their knee when they were out on the field. I looked around and all the girls were bent over and had their hand on their knee. It was so funny!

Ok, phrase of the summer so far: "It's hooooot in Tooooopeeeeekaaaa" as said by Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I'm going to have to see what I can find video-wise. It's just too funny. McKenna has the whole dialogue memorized from that part of the show (no surprise there) and Micah says it every chance she can.

Ok, time to update my video....

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