Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've decided..... change my slideshow name to 2007 in Review. Mainly, because, I've not been scrapping much, so therefore, it was not really my Latest and Greatest. That name implied that I've scrapped and with as many pics of layouts that I had, it looked like I had scrapped ALOT! Making the slide show put me in the mood to scrap! Now to find the time to do it.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yes, hard to believe, I'm actually updating my blog! I've heard enough nagging *coughTiffanycough*.

Let's see....I'll start off with the fact that me and Tiffany's Stampin' Up scrapbooking event has officially SOLD OUT with a total of 50 people!! Holy. Crap. I'm so nervous. But, I think it'll be alot of fun.

I got my SU flyer for the Ocassions mini catalog...wowza, it's so flippin' cool. 2 words...chunky glitter....uh huh. I think I want just about everything in it. Which is good, because I was seriously disappointed in the Sale-a-Bration catalog.

Next round of, FANTASTIC news is the fact I'm finally off the weekend rotation after 3 1/2 years!!! We can finally go back to being a family on the weekends. I can hardly wrap my mind around it. WooHoo!! I'll be working 3 days a week 7:30-4. Two days a month I'll be working a 12:30p-11p shift. My hours for my weekend (which will be only one weekend a month) is 6a-2:30p. I'm also going to keep subbing at school as often as I can as well. Oh, and another totally awesome perk is that I'll be able to keep my absolutely adorable nephew on some weekends while my sister is working!!! The girls are so psyched about that!

Let's see what else I can talk about....I'm going to have a uterine ablation Feb. 19. I'm a wee bit nervous about it. I'm having it done in my gyn's office. It's a quick 8 minute procedure, but with a lot of prep before hand...several different pain and anxiety meds to be taken leading up to the day of and for 24 hours afterward. I'm hoping this procedure works because my only option after this is a hysterectomy. And I'm not quite sure I'm to the point of actually wanting one of those things yet. Wish me luck!

I try not to talk about my family's personal matters too much on here, but I just have to yell this from the rooftops....Steve's Dad is cancer-free! What completely WONDERFUL news!!!

Ok, that's really all I've got for now. I lead such a boring little life! LOL!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'M BACK!!! *I think*

After being pushed and shoved by Tiffany and Nicole, I'm going to give this blog thing another go at it. Tiffany won me over by going on and on about how much easier blogger is now. And, she was right! No more having to know HTML, thank goodness.

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and New Year's. December has been absolutely nuts for us around here. Steve has been spending lots of time in Minnesota for work. I've been working extra at the hospital during the week and subbing in the NE Dubois school system, trying to find something to do with my time during the week since the girls are all in school now.

I'm also fed up with my work situation of working only weekends and my director not helping me at all to try and get off that shift, so I'm currently looking for a new job as well. So, if you hear of any x-ray tech jobs available, give me a holla!

Last week Tiffany and I drove over to Illinois for a Stampin' Up! Christmas party with our upline, Darla. That was so fun! I found out just how much of a small world we do live in. I actually met the girl who is my parents' dental hygenist! Crazy stuff! I didn't get any pics at the party, but, of course, Tiffany did. Her and her camera, I swear! To see the pics from the party, check out her blog. The link is over on the sidebar under 'Noteworthy Blogs'. Oh, and she gives out blog candy, so make sure you go and check it out!

Well, with the newest Stampin' Up! catalog just being released, Tiffany and I are gearing up and getting ready for our Scrapbook Party February 1!! We are going to make 10, yes 10, 12x12 scrapbook pages that evening! I'll be sure and post some sneak peeks as I get stuff done. This is going to be sooooo much fun!

Mara and Micah have a swim meet this Saturday. I so wish I could be there. But, I'll be at the one January 19th cheering them on!!

That's all I"ve got for now....

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