Thursday, May 25, 2006

Heeellllloooo! Long time, no talk, huh?

Yes, I apologize for being a slacker. Steve informed me last night that it's been almost a week since I've updated my blog. I've been lazy. And, I can only talk about my boring, inane life twice a week for so long before I just get flippin' bored. If I start being incredibly boring, noone will read my blog anymore....well, except Ann! ;) (I luv you, Ann, you know that!)

Well, let's see...what's happened in a week? I ended up resigning from Scrapbook Central. I just wasn't able to keep up with the design team stuff since I live an hour away, so I figured someone else should use my spot. I also resigned from teaching there as well. For starters, it's an hour away, the gas is starting to kill me with that drive and it was not worth the drive for 2-3 people signing up for the classes. Trust me, giving up that killer discount is soooo bumming me out.

I had my eval at work and it turned out just peachy. Woo-freaking-Hoo. Boy, I can't wait until I'm so rich and famous scrapbooking so that I can quit my hospital job! (ROFLMAO at that!) Please tell me you heard the sarcasm just dripping off that comment!

Thought I'd post some adorable pictures of my adorable girlies taken the other day. ;) It's been beautiful here, couldn't wait to get them outside for some photos. Since the cleaning lady was here on Tuesday, we took that chance to get outside for some photo ops. Poppins wasn't cooperating, but it could've been worse. All she wanted to do was play on the swingset. The other two wanted me to just keep taking and taking and taking pictures. Finally, I just had to tell 'em, "Look, I'm not your dad! I don't just take pictures to take 'em!" McKenna wanted me to take pics of her ear and earring. (I ended cropping that one to just a pretty cool side shot...without her ear/earring!) She also wanted me to take tons of pics of her tying a weed into a bow. (Where's the rolling eyes smiley when you need it?!) Then they wanted me to take pictures of myself. Finally, I just had to stop. I think I got some pretty good pics. The ones of them tickling each other just happened. I told them to sit next to each other and put their arms around each other and then the tickling ensued. I just snapped away. It's not everyday I actually get to catch them on film actually getting along!

Oh, speaking of the cleaning lady...Tuesday was her last day!!! Waaaa! I'm giving her up to save money for the new vehicle we're saving up for. It just about killed me to say I'd let her go. This summer is going to suck, but I guess, really, I'll have more time to do crappy housework once school starts up again.

And, speaking of school starting up....the countdown 'til the first day of school officially begins! LOL! Actually, it won't start until this afternoon, but still....

Mara cracked me up the other day....she loves playing Star Wars Battlefront. She is even teaching me how to play. Anyway, she was playing the other morning and came across an animal and goes "Aw, he's cute!" Yeah, she may be a butt kickin' Star Wars gamer, but she's still such a girl! I have no idea what the creature is, but McKenna's convinced it's a llama. Hmm, I don't think they had llamas in Tatooine, but who knows....

We all went and picked up a tent from one of Steve's friends last night. I guess Steve thinks they're going to camp this our backyard. Any guesses on how long that's going last? I bet they'll all be coming back in the house to sleep. I'll let you know how that goes!

Congrats to my friend, Nicole! A local nifty gift shop has picked up her "line" of cards! How exciting!

Well, I don't have anything scrappy to post...I did 2 layouts and a card with the KnK DT kit, but I can't post those yet. Sorry! Any day now, though. I do need to work on a few more things for the Scrap-Tastic DT. I have something in mind, I just need to find the time to work on it. I'm hoping it turns out pretty cute and not real cheesy.

How's that for an update? Now I'm off to go get a new video....

Friday, May 19, 2006


A layout I did with my design team package from Scrap-Tastic. I couldn't wait to scrap that open mouth pic of Micah. She's such a nut!

Scrappy stuff!

Well, Ann, here ya go! Some scrappy stuff provided just for your inspiration! ;) The autograph books are 4x4 chipboard books by 7Gypsies. My friend, Myra, her boyfriend, and his daughter are going to FanFair in June and she wanted me to whip something up for the autographs. She hasn't seen these yet, but I hope she likes them! And, don't pay attention to the colors in the one on the left...they are both identical, I don't know why that one looks more pink.

The recipe lunchbox is for a class I'm teaching in June at the Doodlebug. I love how this turned out. I also made up 6 dividers, which I think turned out pretty cute, since I had no idea where to go with them. I didn't put the actual categories on them, I figured the students can take them home and put what they want on them instead of what I put on there, ya know, since I'm such an avid cook and all! ROFL!

Oh, boy....

I laid down a chunk of change Wednesday evening. I knew it was coming, but geesh. Here are the flower girl dresses that Kasara picked out for McKenna and Micah. I'm going to see if I can order them thru somewhere and get them cheaper. If anyone has any suggestions on line where to look, pass it along. I looked on ebay, but they just didn't have hardly any A-lines in Ivory in the sizes I need to choose from. They are going to wear slippers. So cute! This is the bridesmaid dress that Mara's going to wear, only envision it altered to fit her! She does look so much better in it in person. Bought her shoes as well...some cute strappy sandals, but the straps are pretty wide and the base of the shoe is wide so she should be pretty comfy in them. Ordered my dress and bought my shoes as well. No, you will not be seeing any pics of me trying my dress on! :) My shoes are awesome! Strappy with bling all over them, short heel. Mara and I will definitely have to be getting mani/pedi's! (once again, ignore the double picture, I don't feel like dealing with it!)

Ok, so who's going to tell me how ER ended last night?! Somehow the DVR didn't catch the last 10 minutes of it! I saw Sam had to hop in the van because her nasty a$$ ex had him kidnapped! CSI's season finale was good, but not anything like last years. I can't wait until Sunday night....series finale for Charmed (you gonna watch that, Krystn?! ;) and season finale for Desperate Housewives...WOOHOO! But, what in the world am I gonna watch until September?! LOL (I can see Steve rolling his eyes at that comment!)

Over the Hedge is on at the movies! I think we're gonna have to check that out either tonite or sometime next week. Wal-Mart has been promoting the heck out it, it's almost annoying.

Is the sun gonna ever come out and stay out and warm things up?! I'm ready for shorts! It's the end of May and we're still having to wear jackets and jeans! It's just depressing!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ok, I'm updating!

Yes, Ann, I'm finally updating my blog. Total slacker last week and I apologize. But, like I've said before, I lead a total boring life! People don't want to read the really, really mundane aspects of my life! Sorry there's no picture of my most recent scrapbook page or thing....that's because I haven't done C.R.A.P for a week.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's out there. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their family. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who come into an ER on Mother's Day. As I was x-raying them, I just couldn't help but wish that I was with my family. And, the thing is, we didn't x-ray anyone who was extremely sick or any broken bones. But, whatever. Oh, and I'm still totally lovin' my Mom's Day gift! I'm going to have to do a scrapbook page about it, I'm afraid. I learned how to change the songs on it last night. Just got to figure out how to put the pictures on it and I'm golden.

Well, the inevitable is starting. On the way home from spending Mom's Day with my mom's side of the family back home, Mara was upset. She asks Steve "Why does everyone like McKenna and want to play with McKenna?" The sibling rivalry is starting. Oh, boy. I didn't see them in action with the other cousins, but McKenna is usually the one who is content playing by herself and Mara's the little social butterfly. Who knows. Oh, but Jake said something to Mara that evidently just made her beam (all of this according to Steve, of course). Jake told Mara that she looks like a 1st grader. She was lovin' that, especially since she's already telling everyone she's "almost in 1st grade". LOL! (Actually, though, Mara looks like she's about in 3rd grade, she compares pretty evenly to Deric who is in 3rd or 4th grade, but Jake is in 1st grade, so that must be what he sees!) So cute!

Over the weekend, we noticed that there was something funky going on with Micah's thumb. Looked like a huge whitehead on the pad of her thumb. Gross. Called the doc's office. They said don't pop it until they saw it to see what they were dealing with. He said it was an abscess (which sounds worse than what it really is). The doc took a needle to it and popped it and put her on some antibiotics. I hope this takes care of it. He thinks there's a "foreign body" in it and it will work it's way out. Well, when I called, they gave me a 5pm appt. Not a problem. I thought, "what a bummer, I'm going to miss the Stampin' Up hostess party." Yes, it even went thru my head to call Ann and let her know. But, I got caught up in reading the last of my book (Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz....which was an awesome read. If you like Koontz, you'll love this. I think it's my fave of his at this point.) and before I knew it, it was time to take Micah to her appt. Picked up her meds afterward. Helped some friends figure out what to do with altering a box (that I just happened to run into at Wal-Mart! LOL!) and got home. Then, after supper, I got a nasty, scathing phone call (just kidding!). From Ann. As soon as I saw the caller ID, I said "sh!t". I felt so bad. Ann, I truly am very sorry. I totally let that ball drop. Forgive me, please?! (Wow, talk about a run-on paragraph! LOL!)

Ok, today I started my "challenge". I'm seriously going to get healthier. Eat less, walk more. Steve set up my treadmill last night in a new spot. (Which, by the way, I love that it's up against a wall and not out in the open in the middle of the basement. That was just too creepy. I felt so exposed!) Anyway, all set and ready with new songs on my nano, I hopped on the treadmill for....get ready to brace hour!! I know, some people are thinking "what a lightweight". That's the longest I've ever felt like walking on the treadmill. I was so proud of myself! I hate to sound like a total dork, but it's because of my nano! I was just walking along, singing some great songs and the time just flew!! Well, the first 45 minutes did, at least. I pushed myself that last 15 minutes. I'm going to seriously try walking for an hour everyday. As long as my girls can handle my singing! LOL! So, if you all have some songs that you love to walk to, pass them on, I could always use more!

I just have to say this....I love my step-mother-in-law. This woman totally rocks. Seriously. She's amazing, strong, wonderful, loving, and totally cool. I'm proud to say I actually know her, let alone say that I'm related to her. I love you, Lillian. And I'm so glad you and Duane found each other. Period.

Thank you, Shelley, so so so much for taping Grey's Anatomy for me last night. Bad weather sucks. Anyone else as bummed about the final two for Survivor? I wanted Terry to win sooooo bad. Oh, well. Cirie totally rocks and I'm so glad she got the other truck. I hated Shane the whole season until Tribal council. I was shouting out at the tv at what he was saying....totally true.

Headin' to Evansville on Wednesday to pick out a dress for Mara to wear in Kasara's wedding. Wish us luck. I'm off to work on some autograph books for Myra. And if you check out Steve's blog, skip over his one post titled the Dark Years. It's dark. And he busts on me! He makes me out to be a mean, pessimistic be-otch! ;) You could tell he wasn't in his element when writing that.

To quote Kip....."peace out".....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Altered Paint Can

Sorry, forgot to add this in my last post. This is a paint can I fixed up and a set of 6 cards (all different) for a YMCA fund raiser thing for a friend. Done with the latest kit from KnK. Geesh, those kits last me forever! I've made 1 12x12 layout, 1 journal, 1 paint can and 11 cards from one kit! And, I still have so much left over! So cool.

You girls are so sweet!

All the wonderful congrats, thank you so much! LOL...scrap celebrity? I just don't think that will ever happen, but a girl can dream! Thanks again, girls....I just luv ya'll! ;)

Mara lost another tooth on top right in the front. She looks weird, but a cute weird! Can't wait to scrap this moment for her.

Have you seen the new video? Is it not hysterical? Sandi from RSC actually linked it to just watch, but as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to be putting that on my blog! They guy is actually a good dancer! Too funny.

Conversation with McKenna on Monday as I was getting her dressed for school.
McK: I don't like that outfit.
Me: Well, I do. It's cute and it's purple. (her favorite color)
McK: *grumbles* (I then have her turn around so that I can button the back of the shirt and tie it) I would look cuter if you tied it in the front.
Me: It's not supposed to tie in the front.
McK: Yes, it is.
Me: No, it's not. It's supposed to tie in the back. It would look dumb tied in the front. Wear your sandals, not your flip flops today.
McK: My sandals don't match this.
Me: Yes they do.
McK: No, they don't.
Me: Yes, they do, brown goes with everything.
McK: They don't match.
Me: *totally exasperated* McKenna, why are you arguing everything with me this morning?!
McK: Fine, I look cute and brown goes with everything. *said as if she's just saying it to shut me up!*(oh, but you have to know McKenna and her little at-ti-tude way she says things. I couldn't stop laughing.)

Saw this saying on a tag on some Fancy Pants paper at the LSS and I am so going to scrap it...."Somebody has to be the cutest!" And Hannah, the owner of the LSS said she knew who's scrap page I would put that on....JoJo Poppins! She was right on, too. I'm still wondering how she knew that....speaking of Fancy Pants....bought the Chi-Chi line and it's awesome! Also bought the matching rub-ons, ribbons, and 3 packages of chipboard (flowers, scrolls, and brackets) and the HS New Orleans foam stamps. Let's just say, I didn't bring much "take home pay" after I taught class that night!

Well, talk to you all later!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Somebody pinch me!!!

I just got the email today from Jen at the e-zine Ready, Set, Create! informing me that I made the Creative Team! And it's even an odd story, too! I was blog hopping just last week...checking out different scrap blogs and I came across a blog that had a mention of RSC, so, being nosey and lover of all things scrappy, I checked it out and signed up on the message board. One can never have too much inspiration, right?! Anyway, came across an announcement on the board that they were looking for a Creative Team member. I thought, how cool! What the heck, I'll go for it! (Especially having two layouts picked up by them!). I didn't think I stood a chance, being new to the boards and all, but, hey, you never know. Anyway, you now know how the story ends! I'm super excited! And, the article I had to write (pick yourselves up off the floor....those of you who know I suck at writing! LOL) will be the article that kicks off a certain subject in the upcoming Aug/Sept issue! WooHoo!!! So, take a minute and check out the home page of RSC and sign up for an awesome subscription ;), or just hop on over to the message board!

Most of you have already seen the altered CD tin, but I'm posting it for those who haven't! I made this for my SIL to hold the CD's I burn for her of her gorgeous nieces ;) (I am soooo not biased, am I?)! Oh, and to get an idea of how to do something like this since I'm teaching a class in August on it! LOL!

Talk to you all later! Signing off.....

Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh, those Birrell girls!

Took this pic yesterday and I love it. Don't know why, though. Just do. I get so inspired to take pictures after looking at Tara Whitney's blog. Thanks to Tara, I now want to find a field and put my kids in it to take a picture. Check out her blog, you'll understand.

Went to Mara's school Tuesday evening so she could read her journal to us. So sweet. Her pictures just never cease to amaze Steve and I. Her detail. Why she draws what she does. Obviously, they write and draw in their journals on Mondays because Jacob was in a ton of entries! So cute! Then we all had pizza. Kind of a cool evening. Mara is by far the tallest in her class. She definitely doesn't take after me on that....thank goodness.

Last night me and my mom and sister met for supper. After the 30 minutes of insane phone calling {I swear they make everything so difficult! I'm bad, but soooo not that bad!} we met and had a great time! Showed off my new iPod {over which they were drooling} and Kasara asked my opinion on un-asking a "friend" to be in her wedding. Touchy stuff. But, hey, it's her wedding, if she doesn't want her in it, tell her. She has totally good reasons for doing it, it's not like she just decided this. Things came to light just recently that she wasn't aware of prior to asking her. But, she's so like me and mom when it comes to this....she's so worried about what everyone will think of her. Who cares! {Steve, are you proud of me or what?!}

Oh, have to tell you about a toot....the online scrapbooking magazine "Ready, Set, Create" wants my Surfer Girl layout for their Jun/Jul issue! I love that layout, so glad someone wants it!

Well, to all of you scrapbookers out there reading this....Happy National Scrapbooking Day {tomorrow, that is}! I won't be writing anything this weekend, I'm sure, so I'm telling you all now! I so wish I was off and scrapping with friends, but, alas, I'll be making money instead of spending it....which is probably good in the long run!


Monday, May 01, 2006 title for this post...

I literally had an epiphany for this one! Yes, an epiphany. I know, what a dork, you're thinking, but it's true. I've had this pic laying in my sb room for almost a month and I wanted to scrap it, but nothing was coming to me. I had the mini cards in my ST dt kit and was drawing a total blank. Then, coming home from setting up the yard sale Friday evening, it hit me! That definition paper would match the MD paper! So cool! I love it when things just come together and I don't have to work at it! And I have no idea how I even thought of to mat the pic the way I did. Like I said, I just love it when things come to me without thinking about it too much. And, yes, I realize the cards in the flower aren't making a full house....but they represent our family...K (Steve) Q (me) and 6,5,&3 are the ages of the girls. Kinda corny, but I like it.

The yard sale was a big success...surprisingly! When I went over to Ang's house Sat. morning it was raining. We were totally screwed. The garage was crammed full of stuff we were hoping to put out on the driveway. There was no way people were going to be able to even move! So screwed. So, we moved some stuff to the front porch where it was covered which helped a ton. Around here, even though you put a starting time for 7am, there are people lined up at 6am to get in. Well, there was NOONE around! We were screwed. Not looking good at all. And, it was freakin' cold! Finally, close to 7 we had some people stop by and it never slowed down!!! YeeHaw! It didn't slow down until 1pm! Usually you'll have times where there's noone around and you can straighten stuff up....nope, didn't happen. I started packing my stuff up around 1:30 and then there was a rush of people again. Figures. But, I didn't have everything packed up, so I still sold some more stuff. And, I actually made a profit! Steve doesn't know how much I spent on Ang's clothes, so I'll just say I made a decent profit! Total mom is having a yard sale this coming weekend and I'm taking what was left and putting it in hers! WooHoo!!

Saturday evening we all went out to eat (and it kills me to say this....but I think Hong Kong is better than Great Wall) to eat chinese {thank God the girls looooove chinese!} and out to the movies. We saw "The Wild". Ho hum. Wasn't impressed much. The snake was funny. I think I'm just getting too old for kids shows anymore. Sad. Is that another sign you're getting older? But, "Over the Hedge" looks cute. I'm banking on that one to make me feel like I haven't lost all hope in cartoons.

Ann just called this morning and informed me of all the SU stamps that are retiring. I'm not going to miss much more than 2-3 sets, which is good. I can't wait to see the new catalog! What, another 3 looooong months until that comes out?!

Got the stuff done for the KnK dt this weekend! Another awesome kit and embellies by Angela. She just never disappoints. A, I made something for you! I hope you like it! So funny, though...Colleen never looks at anyones stuff on the yahoo board until she's done with hers. I totally understand that, I do the same thing. But, she pm's me yesterday...she uploaded hers and she has a very similar thing on her layout that I have on mine! Too funny! GMTA, obviously! I would hope noone would think that we copied off each other, because what fun would that be?

Let's see....what's going on this week? NOTHING! Not a darn thing! WooHoo! Well, that's not entirely true, I guess. I need to turn in something for the dt at Schmitt by the 5th (a layout with 7-10 pics on it! Eeeek!). I have 3 baby cards I need to get around making. I need to go to MOPS on Thursday. Oh, yeah, and a Pizza party/Journal reading at school for Mara and me and Steve on Tuesday. Hey, at least there's no gymnastics or Daisies! I'm so ready for summer. I'm sick of running around.

Oh! New video time! This is becoming a sickness as bad as my blinkies! LOL! This is the video that I think is just flippin' hysterical! I know, I know, it's the Backstreet Boys, and they are so over, but this video just cracks me up! And, really, even though it's the Backstreet Boys, the song is kinda good. Take a few minutes to watch it if you haven't already seen it. Oh, and tell me what the heck the license plate is supposed to mean! TFH 2L8?? I got the "too late" but what the heck is TFH?

That's all I can think about writing right now....unless something really cool happens this week, which I'm sure it won't! LOL

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