Friday, June 23, 2006

Scrappy stuff!

Have you ever seen so much pink in your life?! I was in heaven this month with DT stuff all being PINK! The Scrap-Tastic kit was the awesome Sassafrass Lass stuff and KnK was the Moments Defined papers. The embellies with the KnK stuff totally make the kit. They.are.awesome. Primas, sequins, jewels, rubons, ribbon slides...all so freaking cool.

So excited. My friend,Myra, called me the other night. The huge Victorian house we both are totally in love with has an Open House on Sunday and we are so there! I'm going to take my lunch half hour sometime between 1-3pm and she's going to meet me there so we can gawk! No, I'm not in the market of looking for a new house, but, this house just looks soooooo cool. I just want a peek inside! Maybe I can get some pictures, too!

Saw "Cars" last Friday evening. Very cute movie. Hence, the new Rascal Flatts.

My sister's life has got to be the worst life I know. Bad karma surrounding that one, I think. Donnie losing his job would've been the last straw for me. If it weren't for bad luck, that girl would have no luck at all. I really hope he finds a job asap.

Jen, I know you read my I just want you to know, I'm so ready to come and bum at your new pool....oh, and to see your new house, too, of course! ;) Can't wait!!

Congrats to one of my fellow DT'ers at Scrap-Tastic, Rachel, for making the ever so awesome My Mind's Eye DT! It couldn't have happened for a better person! You deserve it!

Something's wonky in my house. Alot of junk just up and quit on us. Satellite tv, Sirius radio, DVD player, my sewing machine (but I'm pretty sure that's fixable, gotta call Miss Robin about it. She's awesome, she'll know what to do!), and the stupid Linksys router. But, we did have someone come and fix the tv today! Yeehaw! We can actually watch tv without trying to squint thru fuzz and snow!

I had a big long post the other night and when I went to publish the post, something happened and I lost all of it. I was so mad. I think it had something to do with the stupid router issues we've been having. So, this is all you get from me for now. A brief synopsis.

Steve asked me the other night how I was doing keeping up with housework since the cleaning lady's been gone. Hmmm. I say if you have to ask, then I'm doin' just fine. Right? Yeah, there are a few cleaning issues I need to get better at, but for the most part, we're not living in filth.

I think me and the girls are going to try and hit Holiday World next week. That should be interesting....wish me luck.

Well, that's all folks....until next week!


Cami said...

Beeee-Utiful LO's!!!! Adorable, pics as always :)

and I just have to say, so loving Rascal Flatts :D

Kache said...

Really awesome pages!

I just heard this remake the first time a couple weeks ago, cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Great pages!


Ann said...

Beautiful LO's. What more can I say?

shannon said...

love, love, love the eye page!

Becky said...

FAB LOs!!! I am Loving all the pink! One can never have too much pink :)

I hope things turn around for your sister. dh finally lined something up to keep him busy for the next 2 days - YEA!

I may be going to see cars on Friday. Love that song!!!!

Brandy said...

love the circle in that first one, so cool!

Tiffany said...

What awesome LO's!!! Loving all the pink and those eyes!!!!WOW!!!

Kara Jones said...

The layouts are TDF! Adorable!!! WOW! And I'm loving PINK these days, even though I'm a RED girl! I'm enjoying your blog!

Cami said...

Everytime I check for updates, I just can't help but fall in love with that first LO all over again! I hope you are submitting that somewhere because it is truly inspirational!

Breana said...

okay, loving all those layouts!!! and of course i'm lovin all the PINK! new video...ROCKS! I love going to open houses of homes I know we will never afford! what fun! serious, BTW! ;) And oh boy don't even get me started on the house cleaning!

Jaime said...

OMG, what awesome LO's AND pictures. You are sooo amazing!

Thinking about taking ds to see Cars tonight.

Laura said...

Oh man, I love those layouts! I think the top one and the bottom one are my absolute favs though. Great job!

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