Monday, July 31, 2006

Hi, Mom!

Yes, Mom, I did a layout about you! How do you like it? :) These were my Scrap-Tastic DT stuff...Heidi Swapp!! And, yes, it does seem like it's all about McKenna lately. Anyway, don't have much to say right now. I said I'd post some more stuff today, and so I have.

I got 11 pages done on Friday on the wedding album I'm doing for someone. Woo-freaking-Hoo!!! I'm almost done! I think I may ask her permission to maybe post some of my favorite layouts on here.

Oh, and as if I didn't already know this, Micah is absolutely fearless!!! The child went off the high dive at the city pool Saturday....not once, not twice, but I'm told at least 10 times! No lifejacket. No one catching her. Yes, I am talking about my almost 4 year old. Holy cow.


Brandy said...

Love these, esp that chipboard lettering on the first one. I am too scared for the high dive myself

Anonymous said...

These are great, love the first one. Used to do the high dive when I was a kid, now, no way!


Kache said...

I would never have done the high dive at 4, maybe 10 LOL. Not now though! Great pages!

Tiffany said...

I am sooooo afraid of heights!!! I can't believe Micah is going off the high dive at her age!!! I hope someone got pics!! Loving your LO's!!

Cami said...

AWESOME! I love that pouty one...too cute!

your little one is fearless, good for her! as long as she doesn't get hurt :)
would love to see pics too!
at 32, I'm pretty much scared of any and all heights

Anonymous said...

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