Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new little niece!!!

Well, not yet, at least, but in about an hour I will have a new little niece!! My sister-in-law goes in for her c-section at 5pm this evening to have her. I'm anxious to know what her name is! Last we knew, it was between Jenna and Chloe. So, good luck Natalie and Brian! Can't wait to hear from you!


Brandy said...

dude, your blog has cool stuff. how did i miss out for so long? i looove your cards (spiral punch for filmstrip, really?!) and if heather hasn't already seen the uppercase living thing, she'll have to

shannon said...

how exciting!!

Anderson Arts Online said...

Jenna Marie is my niece's name! Isn't it pretty? My mom's name is Mary Jean, so they used her name as inspiration for Jenna's! I LOVE IT! Congrats on being a new Aunt (AGAIN!)!!

((I got it under the right post this time!))

Carmen said...

Kel, it looks so flippin' cute!! I love your hair curly and when you said short I was thinking really short. This is a perfect length for you!

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