Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Making of FiFi

Here's a collage of Micah making her new Build-A-"Dog", FiFi! She was begging to go to BABW to make a new bear for her birthday, but ended up falling in love with the brown and white dog. Then, I was playing around with some new software, Picasa, which my friends, Nicole and Tiffany use, and couldn't wait to try out the "collage" option...pretty cool stuff, huh?!

So, Happy 7th Birthday, Micah Jo!!!

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Nicole said...

I thought she was just allowed to get an outfit! LOL!!! TOO CUTE!

Tiffany Bauer said...

It was great running into you guys last night in E'ville!! Jordan and I had fun making our Build A Bears too!!!
Isn't that software cool?? When I did my collage of Griffen playing ball I actually over lapped them so you don't see any white at all. It really turned out cool when I had it printed off!! Yours looks great too!! Now just print if off, scrapbook it and you are done!!!! One layout for one great event!! Gotta love that!!

KJ said...

Nicole-sorry, I wasn't clear...the plan was to get a bear, go to Children's Place and get *her* an outfit (which she picked out all by herself!), and the DS game(which she paid for with $$ she got from Steve's Mom and stepDad). We all had a great time!

Tiffany-I did another collage when the 5 of us went horseback riding and overlapped them all so no white space was showing and it turned out cool! I just didn't have enough from BABW to not show white, but I think it still turned out kinda neat. That software was kickin' my booty! It's awesome!

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