Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet....

.....well, not really, but my computer connection is at least soooo much faster than dial-up! We just got our satellite internet set up yesterday! I'm literally flying thru sites now! It's just awesome! Poor Steve has been trying to get me to understand this whole new concept to me, along with ethernet and wireless routers (wth?!?!). I'm so computer stupid. He was getting so frustrated at me last night. He said I'm just not one to like change, that I like my "comfort zone". Yep, that's me!

I've been working on my blog like crazy since yesterday. It's so much easier to do now that everything is so fast. It was just darn frustrating trying to do it with dial-up. I'm zippin' around everywhere. I'd like to add some of my friend's blogs, but need to ask them first.

I've also been trying to remember what sites I'm registered at so that I can go and update my email address. What a big pain, but, I shouldn't complain. I tried to change my email at KnK, but a message came up and said I wasn't an active user! LOL! Even Steve had to laugh at that! So, I've emailed Angela, hopefully she can get it changed for me. She's just awesome.

Thanks, girls, for all the congrats on making the new DT. Your words just make me feel so loved! ;) Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to put pics in my posts on here....Oh, SHANNON and HEATHER?! Do you feel more questions coming on? You two girlies have been fantastic sports about getting me thru this whole blogging thing! And Steve says I don't like working outside my 'comfort zone'! I even taught myself how to make a new side header for my "blogs"! Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf?

Oh, just have to add....we are called DT girlies on Scrap-Tastic, which is so funny because I looove using that word!

I've vowed to keep up on this new blog thing. I'm going to try like heck to write at least 3 times a week. Maybe this will get me more in the groove of trying to journal more on my sb pages. Is that a stretch? I don't think so. I'm just so not a writer. Never have been. Never really wanted to be. But, at least I'm trying.

I'm supposed to be teaching a sb class tonite at Schmitt. I need to call to see if anyone is signed up. I'm just excited to get to Evansville tonite. I've got a $10 gc to Victoria's Secret (gotta get some more Angel's Heavenly body wash) and a % of card to Limited Too (Mara is so lucky, she's always getting the new clothes...the other two girls get her hand-me-downs most of the time). Also need to stop by Target and get a few things for the girls to wear in Florida in the next couple weeks.

Oh, just gotta do a shout out to my pal, Nicole. Last Friday evening, oh around 5:45 pm I got a wild hair up my butt to go to Red Lobster (in Evansville...an hour away!). I started calling around to find someone to go with me. I'd had a RL gift card just staring at me all week and was dying to use it, and I wanted to check out the new J's. Bless her heart, I called her up and told her to get ready and I'd pick her up in 20 min. She did just that and we were on our way. Well, it came time to pay, and she picked up what the gc didn't cover....as a Congratulatory dinner for making the DT. So sweet. What would we do without friends?! Oh, and J's...just not as impressed with it like I was the one in Michigan! It's laid out stupid. And there's fabric everywhere. Yes, duh, I know, it's a f-a-b-r-i-c store, but they had the fabric in like 3 different areas. The aisles are too little and it's just weird. And they don't have near the selection of sb stuff and they have a whole long area of stickers! WHY?!!! Here, I'd been bragging about J's to everyone and it ends up being a total dud. I'm hoping they start to improve a little the longer they're open.

Another shout out goes to my Mom. She passed her Real Estate test on Saturday! Yeah for you, Mom!

Wow, I've written so much! Does this get me out of writing anything until next week?! LOL!

Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

woohoo on the super fast connection, Kel! You'll soon realize that noone should have dial up and question how you survived without it!
Sounds like you had agreat time at RL! Too bad about Joann's though...


Heather said...

lol- you're cracking me up! Love the blog- it looks great!
The picture thing is easy- just click on the little picture icon in the upper right corner when you're posting a message and it will go to where you load it up.
Great job at step one of journaling! rofl!

Becky said...

I LOOOOOOOVE my high speed internet!! You will wonder how you ever lived w/o it!

Adding an image is easy. When you're in the create mode you will see the spell check, it's a check mark with an ABC on top and to the right of the is the add image button. Just click it and you should know what to do from there :)

Glad you like the DT gilries!! I use girlies all the time too!! That's why I thought it would be appropriate!

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