Friday, March 24, 2006

We're back!!!!!

Wow! What a vacation! It went by waaaay to quickly for me. Ya know, I could really get used to that Florida weather...if it weren't for the darn hurricane season. Back to work tomorrow....blech. Oh, well.

Well, Mara had one heck of a tough week. First of all, she lost one of her front teeth. No, nothing bad happened, it was just really, really loose and decided to fall out while she was eating lunch at McD's in Atlanta. The tooth fairy brought her $10! But, that only happens when she's visiting Uncle Troy and Aunt Jeanne's house! LOL Let's see...on Sunday afternoon she got caught up in the wires of the DVD player in the van and fell out of the van extremely hard on the driveway at Grandma and Grandpa's. She slammed her knee and got a huge scrape and bruise and fell on her side and has one U-G-L-Y bruise there as well. Sunday evening she was running in her flip flops around the van, chasing Micah and BAM! fell again! This time busting up her other knee and scraping up one of her hands really bad! Poor thing! She also got a sunburn and dropped a ceramic bowl on her toe. This was not one of her best weeks, to say the least!

Well, here's the lowdown on what all we did. We left Thursday morning...ETD was 9am. We actually got out of the house a little after 9! Woohoo for us! But, after stopping by the grocery to pick up a few extra things, going by McD's for breakfast, filling up the gas tank, and making an extra potty stop ALL IN TOWN!!!, we didn't even leave town until 10am! Geesh! And Steve wonders why I hate travelling!

Friday we ended up not getting tickets to the aquarium, but we went and saw Deep Sea 3D at the Imax theater and that was pretty cool! I even visited my very first Archiver's! (Picked up the MM monogram foam stamps, and the BG Baby Girl paper pack, and a few extras). Arrived in Titusville Saturday evening.

Sunday we went to Cocoa Beach and the girls had a blast! They loved jumping the waves! Stopped by a Crafts 'n Stuff on the way back home from the beach and picked up Bazzill for .33 a piece! Everyday price! WooHoo!!! Needless to say, I stocked up! Monday we all headed off for Animal Kingdom at Disney. Pretty cool place! I think it was unanimous...we all loved the Festival of the Lion King! I loved the acrobatic monkeys, Mara liked the person who juggled the fire stuff. I also loved the Safari thing! We had a fast pass for that, thank goodness. Steve and I tried to ride the new Mt. Everest ride, but it was a 75min wait. Uh, nope. Not gonna do it for a wait that long. Me, Steve and Mara got to ride a little mini roller coaster at the Dinoland. Then, me, Steve, Mara and McKenna rode Dinosaur. AWESOME! McKenna LOVED IT! Mara, on the other hand, cried thru the whole entire thing.

Tuesday we went and checked out the Manatees, but only saw a few this time. Then we headed off to Playalinda beach for the rest of the afternoon. That evening Steve and I went out to the awesome seafood place I couldn't wait to get to....Dixie Crossroads. If you're ever there, get the broiled rock shrimp! It's to die for!
Wednesday, we played in the neighbor's pool all morning. That afternoon, Steve and I took like a 2 1/2 hour nap! Thursday morning, we were off again. Stayed over in Atlanta with Steve's sister and took off by 7:30am this morning and got home around 2:30pm. It's good to be home. I didn't enjoy unpacking, but, it's still good to be home. I get to actually sleep in my own bed tonite! And, while I was unpacking, I had to get my Grey's Anatomy fix in! Out of all the shows I had DVR'd while I was gone, I had to watch GA as soon as I got home! I was sooooo glad that Denny didn't die! I thought for sure he was a goner. And, even though Alex was a total a$$ to George, I'm glad he said what he did. Ok, I'm totally going off on a tangent here.

I think our cats are mad at us. It took them several hours before they would show their faces to us! Thank you, Ellen for taking care of them while we were gone! I had one awesome mail week! Came home to my KnK DT package, my chipboard swap package, my order of brads for a swap, and my complimentary issues of the latest PaperART mag that has my card and clipboard in it, plus, my CardMaker, CK, and PaperCraft magazines! I've got reading material for this weekend at work!

Well, I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I've posted from our trip. The beach pics are definitely my fave. The close up of McKenna from the side is my most favorite-est and I can't wait to change it to b&w or sepia and do something with it!


shannon said...

yay! thanks for sharing pics. i can't wait to see more!
as for where blogger puts the pictures.. i'm of no help. good luck!

Heather said...

I LOVE the surfboard picture from behind! SO glad you guys had a great time!

Oh, and once you load up your picture, and it's showing in your text box, click on it and hold it to drag it whereever you want. I usually put all the pictures in, and type everything I want to type, and then rearrange from there. HTH!

psucolleen said...

Sounds like a terrific trip. and OUCH for Mara!!! Poor thing! Hope she's on the mend.

BEAUTIFUL pictures. I really like the wave pictures and wow that surf board picture is PERFECT!

So glad you're back!

KJ said...

Thanks, Heather! And did you all notice I posted the same thing twice?! Geez, not a good night for me to be posting on the blog! Should've just went to bed! LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've linked to your blog Kelly, but I had to see your pics! I'm glad you guys had a great time!


Tiffany said...

What awesome pictures!!! Looks like everyone is having such a wonderful time!! I'm glad you had a great vacation and welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictues, looks like fun!


Kache said...

Those are awesome action pictures in the water Kelly!

Brandy said...

Those pics are the bomb! Very cool!

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