Friday, April 28, 2006

Nano love!

Here it all it's glory! I love it! *thanks, Mara, for taking the pic of momma and her iPod!* Most of you already know, but for those who don't...I got my Mother's Day present early. I came home from ribbon shopping (sshhh! Don't mention how many rolls I came home with!) and I glanced over the bar in the kitchen and it was laying out in the open! At first I was a bit ticked...I knew he'd been wanting one and he knew I had been wanting one, so I thought he went out and bought one and didn't bother telling me! Steve was still up on the computer so I went in and asked "So, did you buy something without telling me?" You should have seen the look on his face...he tried lying, but he's such a bad liar...I've always been able to tell when he's lying. He just gave up and asked me how I found out. Duh, it was laying right there on the bar! He was bummed. He said it was for Mother's Day. He'd been putting on songs and pictures while I was gone. And he had gone to such trouble hiding it from me, too! (which is a feat in itself!) But, on the plus side...I got it early! It's so cool! It's so cute! I just love it! Shan, I need that link to buy a cute little pink case for it! I'm sure Steve will appreciate that since we're "sharing" it. Sharing it.... yeah, um, sure! ;)

It's that time of year...getting ready for a yard sale this weekend. Joy. I hate having a yard sale. Going yard it. Having And, I don't think I'm even going to make much of a profit! My friend, Angie, who I'm having it with, has a daughter Mara's age and is getting rid of a bunch of her clothes that will fit McKenna and Micah. Cha-ching! These clothes are awesome. Only been worn by one child, brand names, so well taken care of, so flippin' cute. I came home with 2 bags full of clothes. I could so easily have came home with 3 bags! LOL

Ok, I've had my sewing machine since Christmas and it's not been used at all. I'm such a loser. I tried to figure it out and it was just a no-go. This is what I get for never taking Home Ec in high school. And having a mother who only got her sewing machine out like once my whole childhood. And just not having a domestic bone in my body. I'm dying to use it, for scrapbook usage only, of course! Then, I find out Nicole can use a sewing machine! Where the he!! have I been?! Hopefully she can teach me how to use it today or this weekend! WooHoo!!

The x-ray students graduation lunch is today. I'd say I'll miss 'em, but they've got jobs at the hospital, so I'll be seeing them routinely now! But, the dreaded new students will be coming in and everyone knows how much I love new students....not much. Thank goodness I'm on weekends now. The students always start off hating me, fearing me. But, then, after they spend time with me, they realize that to know me is to love me! LOL! I just don't do well with them being "new". I do so much better with them once they know stuff.

A big huge congrats goes out to Becky from Scrap-Tastic! She had her baby boy earlier this week! What a Wonder Woman. She's home from the hospital early was already posting on the mb! You go girl! Oh, and there's a contest going on right now...whip up some layouts with 7Gypsies stuff and post it! There's prizes! WooHoo! And, I just have to shout out to my fellow DT girlies...Michelle, Nicole, Rachel, and Robyn! These girls are super duper crazy talented...check them out. How in the heck did I get chosen to be with this awesome team? No clue, I'm still trying to figure that one out!

Steve's blog (oops, I mean SteveN *insert rolling-eyes smiley*) is now updated. Uh, I just have one question for ya, Stevie (he really hates it when you call him Stevie), I had no idea you robbed a store when you were younger, too! Yes, notice I said, TOO! Or is the time you're referring to when you were with Robbie Lowe? You've been holding out on me! Who knew what a juvenile delinquent you were! ;)

Well, that's about it for now....later, gators!


RACHEL =) said...

YAY on the Ipod, that's awesome!! What a great gift! =)
Haha, on the rolls of ribbon--I won't tell if you don't! ;)
Becky is definitely a Wonder Woman, she just amazes me! SO glad to be on the DT w/you!!!!

Lisa said...

I'll say it again, woo hoo on the iPod! And good luck with the yard sale, I hate sitting there trying to sell my stuff too.

Steven said...

My brother warned me that I might not be able to test drive it much.

And NO... I did not "rob a store" when I was younger. Just kinda walked out without paying for some candy. It is not even comparable to breaking and entering... but that's for another day on another blog.

shannon said...

woohoo on the ipod! you'll love it!

Becky said...

Are you feeling ok? I can't believe that you don't use your sewing machine. I'm afraid that when I get one I'll wear it out in a month or two - lol :)
Thanks for mentioning my site! And you sooo deserve to be on the DT!

Brandy said...

Enjoy the iPod, we have like three and they rock. As for home ec, I took it and have nuthin to show for it. Nuthin.

Kache said...

Lookin' good!

Tiffany said...

Love those garage sales!!!!!

Breana said...

great pics! have fun with your new toy!

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