Friday, September 18, 2009

Stamps For SALE!!!

Well, this can't wait for the next scrap sale at the LSS! I went thru my stamp sets because I have outgrown my space where I store my stamps. My loss is your gain!! If you'd like more info or bigger pics of the stamp sets, just let me know. Also, prices are negotiable. I will keep these for sale on my blog for a couple of weeks, then they head off to eBay! I will ship stamp sets anywhere, but buyer pays for shipping. TFL!!!

Ok, font is small on this one.....the top left pic is Basic Backgrounds (3) $5 + Little Flowers (7) $5 in th same box. I will sell separately. The first one to buy one of the sets gets the box, unless I can round up another box!!
Top right is Simple Something (4) for $8.
Bottom left is Wishing You Cheer (4) for $8.
Bottom right is Mr. Twigster (4) for 8.

I will, of course, remove my address labels with Un-Du if you purchase one of these sets. **UPDATE** So Very and Happy Everything from this group is SOLD!!

The set with the ???, I have no idea what it's called. I'm pretty sure it's from a mini catalog from at least 5 years ago, though. I love the sayings in it. **UPDATE** The ??? set is SOLD!

This stamp has some cosmetic damage. I let a friend borrow it and a blue ink pad and her basement flooded. The ink pad leaked underneath the clear sticker on top of the wood block, but the sticker did not come up and the wood blocks are not warped. It stamps just fine, it just doesn't look pretty! This set is a classic! It's from 1997!!! It's also missing the name sticker, so I'm not positive of the name of the set. I made my very first Christmas cards with this set.  **UPDATE** So Much and Time Well Spent are SOLD!**

This set is gorgeous when you heat emboss the effects on top of the tree!

Guess I forgot to label these....the stamps on the left side are called Holiday Blocks (8) for $12. The set on the right is Perfect Ending (4) for $6. I will sell these separately, but whomever buys one set first gets the box. I, personally, used these two sets together since Holiday Blocks doesn't come with any sayings. The Perfect Endings go so well with so many of the images, too. **UPDATE** Holiday Blocks and Perfect Ending are SOLD!!

Another one of my favorites...Flaky Friends. This was the set I used for the second year I made cards! Not as classic, but still pretty old....2002. **UPDATE** Flaky Friends is now SOLD!!!

The price is hard to see....$10.

This set is super adorable! You can make 2 different size snowmen. Love that scarf!!

Ok, this box has 2 sets in it....Stamp of Authenticity (10) for $15 and Genuine Articles (6) for $10. Right off, I'm not sure which stamps go in each set because they are all so similar. I have old catalogs, so I can figure out which stamps belong together. Once again, I will sell separately, but whomever buys a set first gets the box, unless I can round one up! **UPDATE** Stamp of Authenticity and Genuine Articles are SOLD!!

All stamp sets are from Stampin' Up! Some are more well used than others, but all stamp perfectly. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions about any of the sets.


shannon said...

emailed ya!

KJ said...

Thanks, Shan! They'll be in the mail to you tomorrow!

Susan Bosher said...

Hello! I was directed to your site when I Googled the stamp set Flaky Friends'. I am interested in purchasing it. Do you know what the S&H would be to Canada? I enjoyed the ideas on your site:-)My email is
Thank you,

Brandy said...

hey, i've got a couple of the sam eones that i'm looking to move out. gotta make room for the new, right?! good luck!

luvscrappin said...

HI I found your blog through Liz Goldhawk's blog I would really like to but the let it snow stamp set. Do you still have it 4sale? Could you email me at my name is Nettie thanks so much

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