Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A new card to share!

I've had a great response on my stamp sets for sale and even met a great person through it, too (Hi, Susan!)!  How awesome of a world we are living in...the beauty of the internet!  I still have the stamp sets for sale right now because I can't figure out my darn PayPal account!  LOL!!  But, as soon as I do, that's where they are headed. 

Yesterday afternoon after talking to Nicole on the phone asking me for scraproom organizational help, I decided to tackle the job of cleaning up my mess of a "closet" (yes, we all refer to my teeny tiny scrapbook room as a closet).  I was in there for hours!  I purged some stuff, moved things around and just made it all around a little more tidier.  Ahhhh, peace. 

Anyway, here's a new card to share!  This was made from a Level 3 hostess set from Stampin' Up and the sentiment is from Thoughts and Prayers.  TFL!


Nicole said...

Glad I could be of inspiration to someone... didn't work for me! LOL!


Liz said...

So pretty!!! I think I'll be CASE'ing. I love the colour combo.

I could do with some purging and cleaning too...

Twila said...

So very pretty! Hi Kelly how've you been? I was having issues whith your blog because of the music but got through today from facebook!

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