Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wonderful You stationary

Yo.  Long time no talk.  Life without internet pretty much sucks.  I've always known how much I rely on it, but I think it's finally sinking in to Steve how much he relies on it as well.  I gotta get on when I can.  Sometimes the connection is super fab (like right now).  Other times, it's so ssssslllllloooooowwwww (like earlier in the evening).  And, more times than not, we can't even get on.  Totally sucks. 

I know I'm going to win the Worst Mother of the Year award for this, but we signed Mara up on facebook.  She's been dying to play all the games....FarmTown, Cafe World, Roller Coaster Kingdom.  It's a sickness that I've passed on to her.  Trust me, strict strict regulations are in place for her use of fb. 

Here is the stationary I recently made for my awesome step-Mom-in-law.  I used the retired set, Wonderful You.  Beautiful stamp set.  Bummed me out that it retired.  I guess I issued a challenge to myself and didn't know see how many punches I could use on one card.  Total is 6 punches to make that bad boy there.  That's my newest obsession.  I loved the stationary so much, I almost kept it for myself! LOL!! 

Enjoy.  Peace out.

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Ann Leek said...

Oh... you are still alive! So glad to see it. I can't imagine life without my computer. Mine has been running slow lately too, and it is driving me nuts! Hope all is well.

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