Saturday, March 19, 2011


I know, if I were really good, I'd be able to spout off everything I used on here.  Well, let's face it, I pretty much suck at that!  LOL!  If you really, absolutely, positively need to know what I used on here, just shoot me an email and I'll try and figure it out and let you know exactly what I used.  I will say that I'm pretty sure the font on here is a font I downloaded for free from the internet.  Where?  I have no idea.  Name of the font?  No freaking way am I going to go thru all my fonts and try to answer that question!  Sorry, folks, you'll just have to try and go to sleep tonite not knowing that little bit of info! ;) 

Sidenote...these pics were taken with my phone!  As was the photos in the layout posted on Tuesday titled "8 inches!!"  Sometimes you just never know when pics on your phone will come in handy! 


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