Saturday, June 25, 2011

Purple Streaks!

Just going thru my pics on my computer and digitally scrapbooking them....gotta love that!  No need to upload to a site, order the prints, wait for them to be mailed and then finally scrap them.This is instant gratification, people!  And, I get tired of the pattern papers on my MDS or none that fit the mood of the pictures?  Easy peasy!  I just head on over to my website (try it, go ahead, you know you want to!), peruse the digi stuff, write the number down, order it, download it and once again, instant gratification!  Use the new stuff within minutes of ordering it!  Let me tell ya, there is nothing, I mean NOTHING better than that for someone who is as impatient as I am!  LOL!!

So, here's the layout I sat down and did while watching TV yesterday.

Cool, huh?  Is your interest piqued?  If it is, you know who to call....or rather, email!  My email address is on the side bar.  I'd LOVE to get you started with the awesomely fantastic scrapbooking program!  And, it's sooooo user friendly.  Honestly, if I can learn it, anyone can!  



psucolleen said...

Oh I just LOVE those purple streaks! I wish I could get away with that! Such a good summer thing to do. Great page, Kel!

Margaret said...

you are bound and determined to convert me aren't you??

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