Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Just a couple of 12x12 pages I did to go along with some traditionally scrapped layouts.  I always get a 5x7 team picture and a 4x6 picture of the girl by herself for each sport and scrap that on specialty sports themed pattern paper.  I happened to have some extra pics of the sport, so I just decided what pics I wanted and drag and dropped them into ready made layouts in MDS.  Northeast Dubois colors are royal blue (retired Brilliant Blue was a PERFECT match!) and white.  MDS doesn't have the option of Brilliant Blue as a cardstock, but it is a color.  So, in order to get that as my background, I picked a square punch and covered the 12x12 with it and color filled it with Brilliant Blue and then "moved it all the way to the back".  I added a few stamps from Extreme Elements in the corners and I was done.  A perfect layout to compliment the professional photos!  

Here's one of Mara playing basketball last year in 5th grade:

And one of Mara playing volleyball last year in the 5th grade as well:


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Margaret said...

These are awesome and thanks for the tip on making the background -not that I'll be using Jeep blue any time soon ;-)
This is the perfect layout for all of these pics!

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