Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guess it's time for some more Disney layouts....

Sorry, life is kinda crazy around here since school started up in full swing and so did the girls' extracurricular activities!  We literally are somewhere every single night, it's insane. 

Top layout.  Don't look at it too hard, you'll find some mistakes (pics not lining up, elements not touching the top of the layout, etc).  But, no worries.  I saw them and fixed them all before getting it printed!  The pics of the fireworks aren't the best, but I used them anyway.  It's all about the memories!

Middle layout is the Electrical Parade.  The absolute very last thing we saw while on our Disney vacation.  I love this parade, my favorite of any of the parades.

Last layout are pics of the castle all draped in lights for the holidays.  Gorgeous.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

All of your pages from Disney were amazing and I really wish we would have seen the parade... Looks fabulous!

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