Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

We are never together long enough to be able to get a family picture, so the other night after the girls took their showers I told them to just put something on and I'd just shoot some pics real quick.  After I took the pics, I sat down with my My Digital Studio and designed the card in like 15 min!  Uploaded to and got them 3 days later.  You just can't beat that for spur of the moment stuff!  Now, I just have to wait on Steve to correct and update our address lists and send them out.  I thought at first I just may get them out by Dec. 23, but that's not looking like that's going to happen!  LOL!  Anyway, here's the Birrell Christmas Card of 2012!

I can't remember the names of the stuff I used.  It's DSP and embellishments that came with the original My Digital Studio.  I recolored the ribbon to match (LOVE that new option!!) and used some digi tape.  



Kache said...

Everyone looks so grown up! And I love that the doggies got some face time :)

Margaret said...

LOVE this! You have really captured the personality of your girls and the card looks wonderful!

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