Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm humbled....

Krista, Tiffany, and Nicole all gave me this wonderful little award for my blog! I love it and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! These 3 girlies are totally awesome crafters, so I'm humbled that they thought of me. So....without further ado.....
Here are the rules:
1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs (that's hard there are tons!)
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!
Here are the blogs that I *heart* (in no particular order):
1. Krystn {who needs to UPDATE! ;) }
2. Laura {who totally rocks vintage and altered stuff!}
3. Liz {fellow SU fanatic & demo and DT'er at BYOM}
4. Robyn {Wow. That's all I can say.}
5. Keely {fellow DT'er at CY and her work is awesome!}
6. Heather {never fails to inspire me}
7. Shan {who doesn't post her fabulousness scrappy stuff on her blog, but I luv it anyways ;) }


shannon said...

yup. sure don't. thanks for the tag... maybe someday i'll post there again. ;o)

Keely Yowler said...

Thanks tons, KJ! Your blog is the COOLEST! I'm truly honored to be on your fav list! Off to post your link and list my fav blogs, too!

Liz said...

thanks!!! the hard part will be choosing blogs to pass this on to!

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