Monday, September 22, 2008

Scrappy Slideshow..... My regular one hadn't been playing for about a week. So, I logged into my PB account to check it out. I see nothing but black pics!!! Logged into the forum to ask what was up. Evidently, there's something going on with some of the slideshow templates, with my fave one being one that they're having problems with. Bummer. So, this is the slideshow I'm stuck with until the problems are fixed. But, I do need to do a shout out to PhotoBucket for quick response time to my question in the forum! They answered within like 10 minutes! Pretty cool.


Nicole said...

I was wondering about that! I just thought you were disabling it to add new schtuff!

Looks great, girl!

Anonymous said...

Kj-It does not suck now! Love the music you added-as what Zach says-SWEET! Great variety! Have a great one! Toodles-Chas

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