Thursday, January 22, 2009

An update on....nothing!

It's hard to update when I have nothing to talk about! ;) I've not done anything scrappy for over a week now, so no new pics to post. We've not done much of anything lately, so no new pics of anything else to post either.

I have been excercising lately.....alot! Me, Steve, Hillory, Jeremy, and Alex have been hittin' it pretty hard. During the week (about 3 days a week) we run for about 30-40 min and then swim for about 45 min right after. On the weekends we usually do a long bike ride or a shorter bike ride followed by a run. We are doing our first sprint triathlon in April up in Carmel, IN. I'm kinda nervous! My goal is to just finish and not make an ass out of myself! LOL!

I think we're going to change Toby's name to Toby No! That seems to be what we call him almost constantly! He's taking a liking to getting into the trash. He likes to get out all of his toys and have them all over the house. He bites the crap out of the girls' feet and pants. He seems especially to like bugging the crap out of McKenna all the time for some reason. He and Fartsy have a nightly ritual of chasing each other all over the flippin' house...Toby's playing, Fartsy, not so much. Fartsy gets downright vicious! It's actually kinda funny. Toby has also learned to ring the bells hanging from the doorknob when he needs to go out and potty! But, he has also learned that he can ring those bells and go outside and play whenever he wants, too. For a little 6lb dog, he has sooooo much energy. He just runs and runs around the outside of the house. He's crazy. We've also let him sleep in bed with us every once in a while. He's just so darn cute! It breaks my heart to put him up in his kennel at night. He also got groomed for the first time a couple weeks ago. He looks so stinkin' cute!

I was getting such a kick out of watching Mara play We Cheer on the Wii the other night! So much so, I kicked her off and played! It was fun! And, I freaking rocked it. I was winning new uniforms left and right! And, my arms hurt the next day! LOL!! Yeah, I think I made Mara a little bit nervous!! ;)

We got McKenna tested at Sylvan Learning Center on Wednesday. Seems she did really well. Like, really really well. The center manager was severly impressed. That's all great, but it just puts us in more of a quandry as to what to do with her. Her school doesn't have any type of accelerated classes. McKenna can't possibly be the only smart kid in this school district, so what do these smart kids have to make them use their full potential?! I just have so many questions. I don't know where to start or who to talk to. I'm going to have to start with her teacher and maybe the principal, as well. McKenna informed me yesterday that the only thing she likes about school is lunch, recess, and her friends! LOL!! Oh, and when I talked to her about being disorganized and things she can do to keep organized, she sighed and said "Organization just isn't my thing, Momma." She's such a nut.

Ok, peeps, there's your update! Not much to talk about, really. I would tell the story of how Steve was on the phone with 9-1-1 a couple of weeks ago to almost report 3 missing girls, but my Mom reads my blog and I don't want her to stroke out. Which, by this point, she probably already has! But, all is well in the Birrell household. All 3 girls alive, well, and accounted for!!

Good night and peace out....


Nicole said...

YO GIRLIE, for not having very much to say you sure did say a lot! HA!

Thanks for the update! - my verification word to post right now is caliGal, funny huh?

See ya tomorrow - nicole

Twila said...

Hey there, sounds like you've been really busy. I got some exercise just by reading your post. Good luck on your race! Let us know how you do...Those Wii games are addicitng aren't they!

AnnL said...

Hey Kel! Is it expensive to get the Sylvan thing done? Keegan has a photographic memory too. He is sooooo smart. A straight A student, but there is no advanced classes at his school until 3rd or 4th grade. Even then, I wonder how challenging they are. CJ on the other hand could care less. He will be 5 in April and still refuses to recognize half the letters in the alphabet... even when I use the Wii as bait!

Liz said...

hmmm... seems to me you are pretty chatty for someone who had nothing to say! :p

Loved the update on everything going on, and I'm glad the 911 story has a happy ending!

Kache said...

A spring triathalon, wow! That is awesome!
Ok and Wii cheer sounds fun :)
And where are the pics of this cute dog :)

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