Friday, October 05, 2012

Insert Duplicate Page Mirrored!

2 2pagers today.  I'm not a fan of 2 pagers.  Not sure why, just not.  Even digitally, I'm still not a fan.  But, this option of "insert duplicate page mirrored" is a dream come true for someone like me!  

Both layouts are created with Stampin' Up DSP, just not sure of the names of either of them.  I know, I'm a totally rotten demonstrator.

Top layouts are just various pictures taken at a couple of parades we saw at Magic Kingdom.  

Bottom layouts are various pictures taken on Main Street at Magic Kingdom.



Kache said...

Awesome family pics!

Margaret said...

Yep, you said it... horrible demonstrator... NOT! This is so cool! I am not a fan of double layouts either, but I think I could handle this!!

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