Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You girls are so sweet!

All the wonderful congrats, thank you so much! LOL...scrap celebrity? I just don't think that will ever happen, but a girl can dream! Thanks again, girls....I just luv ya'll! ;)

Mara lost another tooth on top right in the front. She looks weird, but a cute weird! Can't wait to scrap this moment for her.

Have you seen the new video? Is it not hysterical? Sandi from RSC actually linked it to just watch, but as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to be putting that on my blog! They guy is actually a good dancer! Too funny.

Conversation with McKenna on Monday as I was getting her dressed for school.
McK: I don't like that outfit.
Me: Well, I do. It's cute and it's purple. (her favorite color)
McK: *grumbles* (I then have her turn around so that I can button the back of the shirt and tie it) I would look cuter if you tied it in the front.
Me: It's not supposed to tie in the front.
McK: Yes, it is.
Me: No, it's not. It's supposed to tie in the back. It would look dumb tied in the front. Wear your sandals, not your flip flops today.
McK: My sandals don't match this.
Me: Yes they do.
McK: No, they don't.
Me: Yes, they do, brown goes with everything.
McK: They don't match.
Me: *totally exasperated* McKenna, why are you arguing everything with me this morning?!
McK: Fine, I look cute and brown goes with everything. *said as if she's just saying it to shut me up!*(oh, but you have to know McKenna and her little at-ti-tude way she says things. I couldn't stop laughing.)

Saw this saying on a tag on some Fancy Pants paper at the LSS and I am so going to scrap it...."Somebody has to be the cutest!" And Hannah, the owner of the LSS said she knew who's scrap page I would put that on....JoJo Poppins! She was right on, too. I'm still wondering how she knew that....speaking of Fancy Pants....bought the Chi-Chi line and it's awesome! Also bought the matching rub-ons, ribbons, and 3 packages of chipboard (flowers, scrolls, and brackets) and the HS New Orleans foam stamps. Let's just say, I didn't bring much "take home pay" after I taught class that night!

Well, talk to you all later!


ann said...

LOL at McKenna!

Becky said...

Love the conversation!

Steven said...

That's my girl Leigh-Leigh!

She learned in 5 years what has taken me over 12 years.

"Just say whatever it takes to keep Momma happy!"

Ann said...

I played the video for Jeff and he actually LAUGHED. My husband DOES NOT laugh.

Kache said...

That video is really funny Kelly, and I love McKenna's response to her outfit :)

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