Friday, May 19, 2006

Scrappy stuff!

Well, Ann, here ya go! Some scrappy stuff provided just for your inspiration! ;) The autograph books are 4x4 chipboard books by 7Gypsies. My friend, Myra, her boyfriend, and his daughter are going to FanFair in June and she wanted me to whip something up for the autographs. She hasn't seen these yet, but I hope she likes them! And, don't pay attention to the colors in the one on the left...they are both identical, I don't know why that one looks more pink.

The recipe lunchbox is for a class I'm teaching in June at the Doodlebug. I love how this turned out. I also made up 6 dividers, which I think turned out pretty cute, since I had no idea where to go with them. I didn't put the actual categories on them, I figured the students can take them home and put what they want on them instead of what I put on there, ya know, since I'm such an avid cook and all! ROFL!


ANN said...


shannon said...

the dividers are super cute! great job with em!

Tiffany said...

What an awesome recipe box!!!! I can't wait to sign up for that class!!!! Cute autograph books also!!

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