Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This recipe is for you girls who requested the recipe of my hubby's Buffalo Chicken Dip that we had at Tiffany's Hostess Day!!! Oh, and I want to thank you girls for checking out my little ol' blog every once in a here's a shout out to you!!! ;)

20 oz. canned chicken
16 oz. cream cheese
1 whole bottle of Buffalo Wing sauce (generic $2, Hooter's brand $5; hubby went with generic!)
Ranch dressing or Bleu Cheese dressing to tame it down a bit if needed.

Pour all the ingredients together in a pan, heat it up until the cream cheese is melty and everything is stirred well. Voila! Serve with crackers and/or celery sticks!



Brandy said...

rita and heather serve it with fritos which i usually don't like but it is good with that dip!

shannon said...

i just had something similar to this. they didn't share the recipe tho... anxious to try this one out!! tfs!

Swanson BCD said...

Canned chicken is great because it's so fast and easy. I work with Swanson so we use their all white meat chicken and it's great! I highly recommed using white meat chicken in this recipe!

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