Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenna Wee!!!

I can't believe it. My little Kenna Wee is 8!! Holy cow, where in the world does the time go?! This little girl is just smart as a whip, I tell ya. Every day she amazes me with how much she knows and understands. It's not what a normal 8 year old should know. I swear she has a photographic memory. It's scary sometimes!

I will never forget the day I went into pre-term labor with her! I was in such denial or incredibly naive! LOL! I had laid down for a nap when I noticed I was having what I thought was possibly contractions. After a while I started timing them. They were coming about every 3-5 minutes. I called the hospital and they told me to come right in. At the time, I just thought if I got myself hydrated and laid down, they'd go away, but the girl in OB was adamant I come in. When I got to the hospital, the contractions wouldn't stop! They were every 3 minutes and meds were not working! At 30 weeks, this wasn't good. Dr. Hopf had transfer papers to IU Med Center signed and ready to go if the last dose of meds didn't help. Thank goodness, it worked! But, at a cost. Geesh. The mag sulfate put me out for several days. I couldn't move any part of my body by myself. I could hardly talk. It was a daze. Once the contractions slowed down enough to back off the mag sulfate, it was another day to get the rest of my coordination back! I remember that first evening Steve even had to feed me! Needless to was bedrest from there on out.

I ended up being induced at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. Labor and delivery wasn't too bad. I had an intrathecal that only took from the pubic bone down! So, I only felt labor, but not the delivery part. My Dr. was across the hall delivering another baby at the time I was ready to push! I remember the room and nurses all set and ready to go, just waiting for the Dr. to come in. They told me not to laugh, cough, or sneeze or they'd have to deliver her!!

Now, this part McKenna absolutely HATES to hear! When she came out she was PURPLE! She was the color of an eggplant! The nurses whisked her away thinking there was something wrong with her. There wasn't anything wrong, she just made a fast descent into the birth canal and bruised her whole head. Bless her heart. But, she was our little eggplant! LOL! I remember Grandma Peach being so worried about her when she saw her.

Well, my little blond hair, hazel eyed, skinny minny, headstrong, easily embarrassed, Hello Kitty freak, Happy 8th Birthday to you!!!! I love you!!!


Nicole said...

UM... I think I have something for her!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me.

Tiffany Bauer said...

Happy Birthday McKenna!!! Boy did she make an entrance into the world!!!

I also gave you another award. Go check out my blog for all the deets!!

Love ya

Laura said...

Too funny! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Did not know all that....TFS! Love reading those kind :) Amy

My nieces b-day today too-13!

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