Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ice Cream Cone!!

With Mara away at church camp for the first time ever, I wanted to send her a card to let her know we were all thinking about her, so I created this card just for her! I used texture plates for the Big Shot....3, actually! I used some Dazzling Diamonds on the scallops of the "scoops" of ice cream. The glittery cherry on top was McKenna's idea (and she was so proud of that!). I used my favorite verse stamp set, Curvy Verses. I saw a version of this card on SCS and couldn't wait to try it out! The DSP I used for this is Sweet Always.

When I asked Mara if she got her card from us, the first thing she mentioned was she loved how it was signed on the inside! I knew she would love it!! I know it's goofy, but I know my Mara and I knew she'd get a kick out of it!

She's always going on about how many pets we have, so I included all of them on the card. And, McKenna and Micah signed their names themselves, too! I even included the new hamster and brand spankin' new hamster babies (oh, that's a whole other blog post!!).



Twila said...

Kelly, I love it! Too stinkin cute!

Kris said...

Love the card Kelly! That is so funny about your hamsters. We had the same problem only with cats. We probably had about 20 cats at one point. And believe me Kelsey and Sam had names for each one of them!!!

psucolleen said...

Well now if that isn't the most craftastic thing I've seen in awhile! SO SO cute! Love the little baby hamster paw prints! LOL!

shannon said...

such a cute card!!

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