Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mara Taylor!!!

Wow, my "baby" girl is 9 today!!! Where has the time gone?! What a rough road it was to finally get you here....blood clot and bleeding for 6 weeks, terribly nasty, horrible morning sickness 24/7, numerous hospital stays to get rehydrated, IV's at home, getting a Hickman catheter put in my chest at 20 weeks pregnant, 25lbs. lost, bedrest due to high blood pressure due to pre-eclampsia, it was neverending! But, finally, my doctor decided to put me out of my misery at 36 weeks and get you delivered! You were 5lbs. 4oz. 19 1/2" long and the most gorgeous thing I'd ever laid eyes on! And talk about the most perfect baby....your tiny disposition was so easy going. You were a dream! So incredibly easy to care were content to swing in your swing all day long if I let you. Most of the time I had to wake you up to get you to take a bottle. What a sweetheart. And, here you are 9 amazing years later.....3rd grade, High School Musical FANATIC who is madly in love with "Troy", computer and game wiz, tender hearted, awesome swimmer, Daddy's Girl. Happy Birthday, Sugar Bear!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARA!!!! I wish I would have known this yesterday, we would have sang a song for you!!
I hope all your wishes come true.

Tiffany Bauer said...

Have a great birthday Mara!!! You are one great girl in a family of great girls!!!! Love ya!

AnnLeek said...

Happy Birthday Miss Mara. I can't believe you are 9 already. I remember your mom's horrible pregnancy and wondered if she would ever do it again. You were and are so beautiful that she risked it twice more. I hope you have an awesome day.

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