Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tell City swim meet

Mara had a swim meet this past Saturday in Tell City, IN. I got some cool pics I thought I'd share! This was my favorite!!! I took it from kinda far up in the stands....thank goodness for an awesome zoom lens!

She looked so good diving in during the relay!

Hanging out between events....

I don't know why I like this photo. I was sitting up in the stands when I saw Mara sitting on the side of the pool. Looked kinda neat thru the camera lens. I wonder what she's thinking....

I'm not really sure where Mara placed. I'll find out when she gets her ribbons at practice, I guess! LOL! I'm not expecting her to have done too incredibly well this time. I know that sounds negative, but she just aged up to the 9-10 year olds, so her times are near the bottom now. She's got some work to do to get her times up now! But, she is only about 3 seconds away from making Divisional in her 50 Backstroke (thanks, Tiffany, for helping me figure that out!) Next swim meet is next weekend at Boonville.


Tiffany Bauer said...

Hey that is what friends are for!!!! You woulgd do the same for me too!!!

I love these pics too!! They turned out great!! I love the one of Mara diving in the pool during the relay (maybe cause you can see Grif in the water!!!LOL!!! just kidding). That first pic is awesome and I expect to see it on a layout soon.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, love the first one!


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