Monday, October 13, 2008


Yeah, yeah, I looks major crooked. It's really not this crooked IRL and it's alot prettier IRL as well, I swear. Steve was even impressed with this one, and trust me, that doesn't happen too often anymore! I just couldn't get the lighting right on this one for some reason...too much glitter, perhaps? Bling cardstock, glitter paper, purple Stickles, glittered chipboard alpha...guess it was just too much. And, right after I got done bragging to Tiffany that I never have problems with my photo editing software! That's what I get, I guess!

Anyway, this is my layout for Round 2 at the Stuck?! sketch blog. How am I doing against everyone else? No clue. Who's my competition or am I completely out of my league? Who knows. She doesn't post point position or the other competitor's layouts. I would love to see the other scrapper's creations!! Oh well, I should just be glad that noone gets kicked out, right?! I'll quit whining for now. ;)

With every BYOM kit, I try and do a layout for each of my girls. I was missing a layout for JoJo for this kit, so this is so I feel well rounded for the kit! This was Halloween 2007. The photo of Micah is blurry, but I still love it.


Tiffany Bauer said...

Great job!! I would love to see it in person though!! Too funny about you bragging and then it doesn't work for ya-that's what you get!!!!hahahaha!! Just kidding, you know I luv ya!!

Emily said...

This looks awesome!! I LOVE the layout! Such a cute picture too! I just checked out that site, and they're sketches are fabulous! TFS!

Krista B. said...

WOW - this layout is amazing! What a great job - girl you rocked it! Love that cute photo and the colors look great : )

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