Thursday, October 02, 2008


Ok, I shouldn't joke about it, but I can't help it!

Last Friday, Steve and I went to school and ate lunch with the girls (we had to be there for Movie Day that afternoon, so we just went early and ate with them, too.) Anyway, after lunch, McKenna told me she couldn't go outside for recess. Instead, she had to go back to her room and do fact families. I asked her "Why?", but she clammed up and got embarrassed and didn't answer. I figured she'd gotten in trouble for something by the way she was acting, but I had planned on talking to her later about it.

I was outside on the playground when one of McKenna's friends came up to me and spilled the beans on her. Evidently, when everyone was lined up in the hallway that morning before school started, McKenna gave a boy in her class a wedgie!!! Why?! No idea. She won't even really give an answer, either. Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Schroering were floored that she had done that. Actually, I was too, when I heard this! That's just not something that the girls do to each other at home! What was she thinking?!

Anyway, I guess she got in pretty bad trouble in front of everyone. If you know McKenna, that is the worst thing you could do to her. She thrives on positive attention, but if she knows you're disappointed in her and she gets in trouble in front of alot of other people....oh, boy. It's not pretty. Well, she ended up missing two recesses and had to write an apology letter to the boy and she almost missed out on Movie Day, but Mrs. Schroering thought she had been punished enough.

Geesh....never a dull moment.


shannon said...

oh my! i'm sure she learned her lesson.

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Girls and boys, don't boys make us do strange things.

Monica said...

LOL!!! Just the thought of it makes me laugh.

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