Monday, October 27, 2008

St. Louis trip (Part 3)

The last part of our trip was to Boo at the Zoo. The kiddos all dressed up in their costumes and we walked around the zoo that was all decorated for Halloween. Here's some of my fave pics....

Mara (Little Dead Riding Hood), Jacob (Ninja type Warrior), McKenna (Ghost)

Little Dead Riding Hood (was totally her idea and came up with the name, too!)

Boo!! McKenna's costume was a HIT! Everybody kept commenting on it, it was so cool! And, it was super cheap...can't beat FREE! And, it was totally her idea, too. She told me she wanted a white sheet. She came up with the face. It was all her and she was getting a total kick out of all the comments people kept making about her costume!

JoJo decided to be a Witch. I swear, she struggles every single year for what she wants to be for Halloween.

Jenna-poosers was an adorable little Bee!

The Birrell girls!


Tiffany Bauer said...

Too stinkin' cute....I mean too stinkin' scary!!!!! (hi, lavonne!!!)

shannon said...

love the ghost idea...

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