Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first digi layout!!

Well, I've resisted long enough, I guess.  When Stampin' Up came out with their version of digi scrapbooking, I was kinda excited.  Then, I started seeing stuff done with it and what all it could do.  So, I got it.  Played with it this weekend and let me tell ya, IT'S AWESOME!!!  I'm totally lovin' it.  And, I tried really hard not to.  I'm a total paper, scissors, and glue type of gal.  But, this rocks.  Here's my very first layout.  Now, bear with me.  I'm still new to it, so I know there's still alot to learn.  But, I'm pretty proud of it, nonetheless.  I showed the girls and McKenna said "that looks like something you would scrapbook for real!".  That's enough of a compliment for me! :)

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