Sunday, August 19, 2012

Disney layouts!

Well, evidently I'm only showing you two layouts today.  I tried uploading more, but for some reason blogger wasn't liking them.  The top one is my girlies in front of  Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom.  I used a ready made cluster and the Disney ears are from another site on the internet.  If you wish to know where I got them, feel free to email me.  I also used an overlay from Stampin' Up, but for the life of me can't remember what it's called!  Shame on me, I know!  

The second layout is of my girlies at Epcot.  Steve made them sit there until a monorail came thru and I could get the photo with the monorail and Epcot ball all in the background.  Everything on this layout is from another site.


1 comment:

Margaret said...

Just look at all of that white space! Ha! They are wonderful and I'm wondering just how fake the girls' smiles were by this time! I have to say that it is a pretty cool picture!!

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