Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Scrapbook Event February 2009 layouts II!

And, the last 2 pages I did for the event....using Love You Much stamp set and the Candy Lane pattern paper. If this layout looks familiar, it's because I used this same sketch for a 2 page layout I did for BYOM last month! I love it and it was so easy to reproduce! The little pink strips of paper aren't just random pieces...they are actually for journaling, which I haven't gotten around to doing yet, but you get the idea!

Now, all of my layouts and Tiffany's layouts will be put into the slideshow at the right side of the screen where it's titled "Scrapbook Event Layouts". If you'd like to see a certain layout, I'm pretty sure you just click on it when it comes around and it puts it on the computer screen by itself. If that doesn't work, feel free to email me or Tiffany with what layout you're having trouble with and we can email it to you as an attachment...


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