Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm a slacker and I hate yard sales....

Ugh. I was doing so well at posting to my blog everyday. Work just gets in the way every damn time. I'm working 4 days this week! Yeah, I know, OMG. Hey, I'm not use to that kind of work week, give me a break! ;)

I can't post anything crafty, 'cause I've not done anything. Why? Work. (It all comes down to that nasty little 4 letter word.) I still have 11 Christmas Card planners to make and 22 more 6x6 pages to do before I leave in 13 days. Wow....13 days. Doesn't seem real. When am I going to get this crap done?!

I spent 3 hours helping set up for a yard sale tonite. Guess what? I'm doing it again tomorrow, too. All for the yard sale I'm having with other people on Saturday. The only reason is so that I have spending $$ in Salt Lake City. Man, I better make enough to make sweating my arse off worth it. This is my second in one month. I hate having one once a year, let alone 2 in one month. Dang it, if it weren't for needing that extra spending money. And, holy mother of gawd, it's hot. I just about jumped in the swimming pool tonite clothes and all.

Me, Steve, Myra and Shelley went to Holiday World on Wednesday. Talk about busy. The water park was crammed. There was a freaking line for the lazy river! Both of them! Insane! We rode a couple rides and the lines weren't too bad....because everyone was in the flippin' water park!! We had a pretty good time, even if I did almost drown in the Bahari wave pool. We spent most of our time in the lazy river. Now that is relaxing. I could spend all day there.

Got a new bike!! An '09 Trek Navigator 2.0 and it's p-r-e-t-t-y!! I love it! Now to get ready for the big 20 mile bike ride Sunday, Aug. 3. Oh, yeah, you heard me right. Me, a bike, and 20 freaking miles. Wish me luck on that.

Also, got a new phone! We are officially a home with no land lines, cell phones only. Our home phone number stayed the same, it's just on a cell now. My cell number stayed the same, too. Steve now has his own cell and a new number. Kinda weird. Oh, but back to my new's purty. An LG Black Cherry Chocolate. Because this one plays mp3's, I had to relinquish my beloved iPod over to Steve. I was keeping myself entertained on the drive into town this evening. I have something on my phone that ID's songs by putting it up to the speaker for about 10 seconds! It then ID's it. Then, if you want it as a ring tone, it finds it for you automatically in the ring tone application. You gotta pay for it, of course, but how cool is that?! Amazing! Or, maybe I'm just easily amused. Either way, you gotta admit that that's pretty cool.

Well, I need to get off here. It's late, and guess who has to work tomorrow, for the 4th day this week? Yep, moi. ;)

Oh, Nicole, I read your blog and thanks for the "award"! I'll have to post my answer to that or whatever at a later next week. When I only work my normal 3 days! ROFL!


Anderson Arts Online said...

OK, that made up for the lack of posts recently. Glad to see you are still alive!

Monica said...

that new phone sounds so cool - and I'm easily amused too!

AnnL said...

WOW!!! I wondered what happened to you. I had a yard sale today and will again tomorrow for Convention money too. Man, it sure is expensive and the heat... I sure hope I lost 20 lbs today. I looked like a gross sweat hog out there greeting people. LOL

Brandy said...

we used to be an all cell fam, i think it is cool. unfortch, we need a really reliable alarm on the new ghetto house, so we got a home phone for it. i hate garage sales too, btw, but i hope all the money is fun to spend

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