Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Make a Wish!

Here's the other card front I'm making to swap at convention! Told ya I like Ruby Red and Cameo Coral together! ;) I used the 5 petal flower, ticket corner and 2 sizes of star punches that SU has + 2 different stamp sets....Independence Day and ?? (it's the birthday set that has a candle in it....where's Tiffany when I need her?! Oh, yeah...Florida!! Must be nice!)

Missin' my Kenna Wee this week. She's staying several days with Kasara and Asher. I know she's having fun playing with Asher and hanging out and helping Aunt Kasara, but I miss her when she's gone! I'll be picking her up Thursday after I get off of work. Oh, geesh, you should've seen the fits Mara and Micah were throwing because McKenna got to stay with Kasara. Horrible. I made it up to them with a Taco drink and choco chip cookies. :)


Brandy said...

I've got the birthday candle set and it is my favorite right now. I wish SU! would make more like that because it works with scraps soooo well!

Anderson Arts Online said...

love'em both!

Anonymous said...

Both of your cards are great!


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