Monday, July 07, 2008

Isn't this pretty?!

I had a Girl's Night Out with Tiffany and Nicole a couple weeks ago...we ate at Los Bravos and went to see Sex in the City. Good times. Well, everyone knows that Tiffany goes nowhere without her camera! She took some pics of our gno and made me and Nicole a frame with her favorite picture taken that evening. Isn't it pretty?! This pic and frame was sitting at our scrap space when Nicole and I got to the scrap-filled weekend (June 27-29). Tiffany is always so thoughtful!! Love her! ;)
Oh, and I need to wish my cousin, Josh, a Happy Birthday! I don't normally remember most of my cousin's birthdays, but his is just too easy not to forget....7/7/77! How cool is that?!

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Anderson Arts Online said...

great cleavage, there, kel

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