Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some more Uppercase Living

Here's some pics of the rest of my Uppercase Living that I said several months ago I'd take pics of! The "Grow old with me..." is in my bedroom above me and Steve's bed. It was our song for lighting our unity candle when we got married. The other one is above my dining room picture window. Enjoy!
Oh, and provided our plane didn't crash, Tiffany and I are in Salt Lake City!! We've picked up our goodie bags of stamp sets and shopped in the famous Memento Mall for all sorts of convention goodies and already swapped out at least one of the swaps we are in!! I can't wait to come back to show them off!


Brandy said...

1. cute uppercase stuff but i am aching for the stampin up ones myself. why aren't i at that conference?!

2. do you know that 80 is downright pleasurable in houston where it is over 100 outside? seriously, our thermostat is set to 80. sorry it is broken though

3. it's the croc flops, right?

shannon said...

enjoy your trip!

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