Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why am I taking a pic of my thermostat?!

Because this is a pic of an air conditioner THAT DOESN'T WORK!!! Do you see it's set on 74, but the temp in the house is a hot ass 80. We've gone without a/c off an on for a week now!! Momma's getting a wee bit grouchy and not because I've not been taking my medication, either! LOL! I hate being hot. I can't sleep, therefore, I'm tired. And, if you ask my girls what happens when Momma's tired....they'll answer...."She's Grouchy!" and everyone knows to watch out when I'm grouchy. The only thing that has saved everyone's sanity around here (from me) is that only some of those days have been pretty mild, like highs in the low 80's, thank God.
I'm leaving for Salt Lake City at 4am tomorrow!!!! Stampin' Up Convention 2008 here I come!!!!!! (Oh, and it's my first time flying since my honeymoon 11 years ago. I'm a little nervous. But, a co-worker has hooked me up with a prayer for flying which I intend to read over and over and over...).


Liz said...

blech for air conditioners that don't work! Have fun at the convention! I hope you can post a few sneaks for those of us who aren't so lucky... :D

Laura Vigliarolo said...

drugs work well for flying too. Have fun, and hopefully you'll be in airconditioning soon.

Kache said...

ugh on the air conditioner, that's my least favorite too

glad the flying went well :)

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